5 Social Media Opportunities Used The Right Way During Graph Expo


Graph Expo is the must-attend convention for emerging technology / advancements in the print, publishing, mail, shipping, digital, wide format, inkjet, automation.. pause for a breath, and more! I am thoroughly impressed with the cross media applications of merging print and digital applications together. I am even more IMPRESSED with the use of social media to promote products and services during Graph Expo to capture the attention of users attending the show and off-site users who are participating from home.

Take a look at the use of 5 social media opportunities that were used the right way during #GraphExpo

#5: Collage Images on Social

A unique way to get noticed is with collage images which is meshing together multiple images at once. You can clearly see the message in a matter of seconds when scrolling your newsfeed. This social media opportunity came in as #5 for the impressive amount of users who created collages and had engagement to prove the results. (engagement = likes, shares, comments).

#4: Instagram Stories

Instagram recently rolled out a feature, similar to Snapchat, to upload moments in time to your profile – otherwise known as a story. I quickly created an Instagram story from the In-Plant Printing & Mailing Association luncheon featuring Dr. Joseph Webb. This video accumulated more than 100 views in the first hour that I posted on my Instagram story! WOW.

#3: Periscope – Live Video

Periscope is a live-video functionality that populates in real-time on Twitter. When a brand, business, person goes LIVE – they activate a camera to record moments in time. Their followers are prompted with a message (like below) that says they are LIVE so you can watch in real-time. Periscope allows for comments from users in real-time; they are displayed promptly on the bottom of the video while it is being recorded. If you like
graph expo social media

graph expo social media

graph expo social media

#2: A Conversation Between GIFs

How did this conversation of Starwars GIFs start? The conversation led from a photo posted on Twitter with Starwars style represented in the presentation design.
graph expo
I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off my savvy social media skills. I quickly searched a website that features popular GIFs. Even though I have not seen this new Starwars movie, I thought it was completely relevant to make them smile on the other side of the keyword… which clearly worked as another company saw this tweet and jumped into respond with a witty Starwars GIF.

What is a GIF? For those who are not aware of a GIF – it is a short compressed video that gets the message across in seconds. You can use GIFs to add spice to the message.. I have to toot my own horn by adding another GIF — just real quick.

#1: Snapchat Filter

graph expo
GPA Speciality Substrate Solutions created a geo-filter that appears on Snapchat when you use this storytelling social media platform. A geofilter appears on the bottom of you camera, while you are using the social platform, which is activated based on location. Snapchat is a social media platform that is widely used by millennials and young professional. Snapchat produces more than 10 billion views per day! I rated this the #1 use of social media the right way during Graph Expo because this was the best use to capture the attention of the millennials. Believe or not, but it would be beneficial for exhibitors to connect with these young professionals for opportunity of future staff. Young professionals understand the emerging technology and how to communicate on different platforms to get the message across. This geo-filter is not only smart Snapchat was the right way to capture the attention of a younger demographic.

There are many opportunities to benefit your business during a conference using social media listening platforms. Here is an approach that I took: I utilized a social media lead generation tool to enhance my on my personal brand to identify companies, attendees, exhibitors and influencers. I started by identifying the hashtags that everyone at the conference would be using when posting on social media about the show #GraphExpo, Graph Expo, GraphExpo. I submitted which job titles, businesses and influencers I would like to go after – examples below:

In a nutshell – this social media listening tool sourced all of the individuals who were talking about Graph Expo, they followed each of them (250 follows per day). After a few hours, this tool would LIKE all of the tweets related to GraphExpo. And a few hours after – it would send one of two messages (A/B Testing) to in a direct message.

I gained 320 new followers that were participating in Graph Expo in less than 2 days.

Ask me about social media solutions tailored for your business! melissa.divietri@gmail.com