5 Ways Social Media Adds Value To Your Brand

social media

Many business owners struggle to develop a consistent social media presence across different channels to improve brand visibility. If you are seeking additional outlets to generate revenue and increase website conversions for your brand, here are opportunities with social media marketing.

1. Get Your Brand Identity Straight – Implement a consistent use of voice & visuals across all of your social media networks. If you have a certain typeface, color, or imagery – incorporate those in your social media marketing plan. When a user sees these colors, images over & over – they begin to recognize your brand identity.

2. Create Shareable Content – Reach beyond core audience by posting interesting content that is posted regularly. Research industry news, buzz-worthy content and ask your audience what they love about you. Utilize their honest feedback when developing a content calendar for your social media channels. Remember that each social media channel acts differently – research in advance which network is used for.

3. Showcase Services / Products / Skills – Show people who are, what you do and why they should purchase your products or invest in services with you. Develop a more personable conversation with users by posting relevant images of users interacting your products / services.

4. Join Communities – Surround yourself with top notch people from your industry, participate in online social media chats, incorporate trending hashtags in your content  and attend networking events. It is crucial to develop a loyal following of brand advocates that will share your content to their networks. Follow industry influencers to retweet and share their posts.

5. Listen To What Users Are Saying – Actively seek out users who are talking about your brand and respond with a positive message. Incorporate a social media listening tool that can send digests on what users are saying about your brand on social, search and news.

Social media is a stepping stone towards success for your brand. Don’t expect results right away because you need to develop a comprehensive strategy that works, over time! Learn more how social media can improve your brand visibility.