Experiencing Indonesian Culture

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My Experiences in Indonesia –
Inspired By Culture & Language

You may remember my vlog about moving to Bali, Indonesia in 2017 — where my filmmakers spent some time to follow around the country stepping into my shoes. What you probably do not know, is that I have been experiencing the culture and life of local communities by attending ceremonies, festivals and living in a village.

When you live in a new country, you should consume as much as you can… I am constantly inspired by beautiful Bali… I really wanted a cultural experience to feel connected to my beautiful island. What are your favorite countries ; and have you tried something new that you really enjoyed?

Full Moon Ceremony

Here are some images of a ceremony that I attended in Tabanan with my Indonesian family:
melissa divietri balimelissa divietri bali

Interested in Art / Beauty & Soul

I met a beautiful soul whom is an inspiring fashion designer; and a very good at that! He creates these beautiful headpieces, dresses and ceremony / formal clothing for Balinese culture.

I really can’t describe what he does or how he does it — but it is simply beautiful. I feel in love with the history behind this masterpiece — “Queen of Java” — he spends hours preparing each outfit – by assembling the gems and pieces perfectly.

melissa divietri balimelissa divietri bali How I Experienced The Culture In Bali

I wanted to feel a sense of purpose… what it was like to directly experience Indonesian culture. My friends and I spent the entire day preparing for this moment… and it turned out better than I expected… here are the results:

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Inspired to be “Queen of Java” For A Day

melissa divietri bali

Description[edit] Nyai Loro Kidul is often illustrated as a mermaid with a tail as well the lower part of the body of fish. The mythical creature is claimed to take the soul of any who she wished for.[5] According to local popular beliefs around coastal villages on Southern Java, the Queen often claim lives of fishermen or visitors that bathe on the beach, and she usually prefers handsome young men.

The role of Nyai Loro Kidul as a Javanese Spirit-Queen became a popular motif in traditional Javanese folklore and palace mythologies, as well as being tied in with the beauty of Sundanese and Javanese princesses. Another aspect of her mythology was her ability to change shape several times a day.[6] Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX of Yogyakarta described his experience on spiritual encounters with the spirit Queen in his memoire; the queen could change shapes and appearance, as a beautiful young woman usually during full moon, and appear as an old woman at other times.[7]

Nyai Loro Kidul in a significant amount of the folklore that surrounds her – is in control of the violent waves of the Indian Ocean from her dwelling place in the heart of the ocean. Sometimes she is referred as one of the spiritual queens or wives of the Susuhunan of Solo or Surakarta and the Sultan of Yogyakarta. Her literal positioning is considered as corresponding to the Merapi-Kraton-South Sea axis in the Solo Sultanate and Yogyakarta Sultanate.

Another pervasive part of folklore surrounding her is the colour of aqua green, gadhung m’lathi in Javanese, is favoured and referred to her, which is forbidden to wear along the south-coast of Java.[8] She is often describes wearing clothes or selendang (silky sashes) in this color.

Are you inspired by culture and travel?

In a comment, drop what inspires you to be cultural and what you’ve done to enjoy other countries habits.