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I dont say it unless I mean it — Medellin has always been my favorite city – followed by Bali & Detroit. It is the people, history, language, music & attitude.. there are straight hustlers out here – that will do whatever, and I mean whatever, it takes to make money. I appreciate that.

I came to Colombia for many reasons

1. This is a country where I could see myself doing very well — happiness and exploring for a long period of time
2. The techno music scene is exactlyyyyyyyy like Detroit; underground, hard to find and heavy — real heavy!
3. Latin American Culture — I purposely move around AirBnbs so that I can meet people and famiies
4. I made friends with an art gallery; and I paint here every other day! My passion!!

When in Medellin…The mountain will change your life.

Colombia was my first stop on my hiatus of leaving the States. I was going thru some heavy shit back in America — tossed ALL my belongings (accumulated of 10 years) in a 10×10 storage; booked a plane ticket out of Detroit and took off to Medellin. I stayed in a beautiful high-rise in #ElPoblado – most gorgeous area in #Medellin – I watched the tropical storms every morning from this view <3 #Colombia is one of my top 3 favorite countriesโ€ฆ itโ€™s the mountain feels that will get you. Enjoy my blogs on Colombia – . . . . . . #lifeofmissydi #medellin #colombia #latinamerica #motivation #inspiration #determinaton #entrepreneur #socialmediamarketing #southamerica #elpoblado

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Staying Outside My Comfort Zone – Risky

Wouldnt let a bad day turn into a bad experience.. Followed my instincts (still working on vulnerability).
I had a hard day trying to locate a bank that I could pull $$$ from to pay for basic things and activate my SIM card.. just when I thought I would give up; the fifth ATM worked ajaj all the way at the Sante Fe Mall.

Cafe Expresso Porfavor
I came back to the hostel; where I was staying for a few days and met Rodrigo – who was teaching the staff how to make coffee with the new expresso machine. We spoke “Spanglish” as I need to continue using the language and practice as much as I can.

Rodrigo started to fill me in on the techno music scene.. wow, he was so resourceful… I LIKED all of the pages that were associated to techno music & found many that overlapped with FREEDOM MUSIC FESTIVAL – pre parties leading up the festival
medellin techno

Before going out, I made client fulfillment calls for social media projects on Skype.. called the fam, straighted up the room (as I was going to be moving to new airbnb tomorrow) oi oi oi.. worked all morning on training new social media tools and team meetings.. ran to the mall to get bank ./ sim card, had Spanish class.. and more meetings.

I said”yesss this it!! You did everything you needed to do, now go enjoy!!!”

I met new friends in the hostel – we decided to pregame to Aguardiente: which tastes like black liquorish lol good stuff.
melissa divietri medellin

Moving on – went to Medellin Beer Factory for empanadas – walked around the park for a few hours to social drink and split ways to start the night..I was ready for a techno music mission. I went to the first stop; absolutely disgusting techno at Calle 9+1

You will not believe who I ran into! Rodrigo!!! who made coffee at the hostel! He goes “you dont remember me?!” — omgoshh I was toast ๐Ÿ˜›

He put me on top of a large bench that came out of the side wall so I wasnt going to toppled by the shoulder- to – shoulder attendees- it was hilarious because I was getting it in with the beats to my feet and kept knocking beers on the ground.. my bad! Hold em — lol Im trying to let loose and not get ran over. I was so chill with his friends; it was amazzzzing vibes! I would love to party with those gentlemen, again! They formed a circle around me while I was up against the wall.. I could see the DJ perfectly and didn’t have any issues with craziness.

where to next?
I sat on the side bench while everyone was being rushed out the door to leave – I made homies with security beforehand (always a good idea). Had to use translator to say “do you remember me lol” yesss they did! They posted me on a chair behind them while everyone cleared out.

New homies from Ireland sat by me and asked where I was going.. idk yet.. no idea what is happening. They took me to the ‘secret spot’ only had 8 passes and they asked me go with them — damn I was on a good one… with just running into people at the right time!

WE walked about 6 blocks until we could find the taxi that “knew where to go” wow that was a challenge at 4AM aajajaja but we got one.. drove around the block a few too many times though!

Medellin is lit
We had to run across 6 lanes of traffic to the warehouse over .a 2 foot bump.. omg it was so dangerous. My new friends (France & Ireland) now in one of two taxi’s — picked my lil ass up and scooped me across the road.

No idea where we are.. man is pulling us inside — one door, two door, three door – small purple light. I immediately lost my new friends LOL no one can speak English and I only had 13K for cover – when it was 20k and they had my pass!

Security said no entry.. im like shoott.. okay thinking… I went to the side door of where they were selling wristbands – said “lo siento, me gusta techno musica por favor.” — no hesitation — wrist band from man at the ticket area — that was epic.

Walk inside — shoulder to shoulder
Some deepppp techno at this point… it was mix of dark techno but tropical at points.

Ohkay – What the hell

The power goes out lololol and everyone is rolling hard. They stop dancing.. perfect timing/// wow. I made a break and squeezed my way to the front of the front! I was next to the electrical cords (which was dangerous) I shocked myself twice from bumping into it. Yeahh.. I was thinking this could be the end ajaj die doing something you love.

I was FEELING the DJ – he played for hours.. and than some at the after after party!!

made homies with the DJ crew
There is only so much that I can here – however, I was down for whatever that night. My feet were jello – I became a zombie; like you know when you are so numb, it doesnt even matter?

The crew was beside the DJ set tables – brought drinks inside their coats and bookbags – bottle after bottle.. we were going in. DJ’s main homie kept trying to get me to dance with his friend.. this whole crew was solid >> best friends; always playing tunes on weekends.. haha they become my Medellin best friends ;}

Main homie was feeding me Red Bull & drinks; he knew I was fading but they weren’t going to let me stop <3 The after hour parties here start at 5/6/7AM — and really have to be well-connected to figure it out.. Well I have been networking like a fricking boss on Facebook and just talking to everyone using translator.

my fav text from last night ajaja

melissa divietri medellin

I was literally standing with the entire techno crew (Berlin, Medellin) and than me! Detroit .. everyone has their own beat – ya know, like how they dance to the music. There we absolutely no issues; everyone has their “zone” and danced in a circle.

Techno Trifecta

melissa divietri techno

Back to getting it in.. DJ was totally vibing me – It was not easy getting his attention either! He didnt speak English – but thats okay, he pulled me up next to him and we were vibing for a hot minute…

It’s okay, it;s okay – you just need eye contact, body language and good vibes.

and after he finished his set (like 9/10am); we posted for a hot minute to drink & say wuddup.. and than on to the NEXT after hours!

some of his tunes.. obvi no lights but I wanted to remember this night forever..
Diego changed my world; it was literally his tunes & smile.. and trying to communicate ajaja we would get into small fights from no cell phone data to translate.

YO tengo mas hombre, necessito!

Wow — I called it a NIGHT that morning 11:30AM; I was toastttttttt!

And now I’m ready for round two, round three, round four ajaja and the festival

See you on Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Medellin for the techno trifecta!
melissa divietri medellin

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