Not The Average Solo Traveler


Im stubborn.. Im crazy as f*kk.. Im hardcore.

But ya know, I wouldn’t change my personality for the world. You could never live in my shoes to understand why I do what I do… I have insecurities just like you – but my heart beats faster when I am in new surroundings with people whom I do not know.

I have to live with a physical disability in which I cannot control how I will feel tomorrow – it’s like having a full-time child to take care, 24/7.

I stopped giving a sh*t about other people’s problems and started to live my own lifestyle — one that I built; one that I created, one that I control. I’m over it… I will be in 20 countries this year and if you can’t keep up.. than sit in the back of the bus and “wait for your opportunity” because it will never come.. and Ill be in the front seat as the driver controlling my destination.

I am on the grind – 24/7 thinking of my NEXT move.. keeping my composure as classy as possible; even when Im ready to trip out.. I hold it together.

— Havana, Cuba has been my perfect wake the FUKK-up call for my 2018 

For one night out; I hired a driver to pick me up from dinner, take to salsa, take to night club & then home..  that was our agreement between each other. He drops me off at an Italian restaurant to enjoy dinner— after 35 min of waiting OUTSIDE the time we agreed (which was two hours after he dropped me off)… I figured his car broke down (common)…


Just a tad homesick tonight… reflecting on being in an unfamiliar country by myself & new changes happening across the world in my home. I really wish that I could speak the language or at minimum have someone to translate so I dont feel so out of place. Havana has stolen my heart, yes… but I am stressing because im a socialite (who isnt making sense to anyone)… estoy perdida. . . . . #ilovecuba #visitcuba #visithavana #ig_lahabana #ig_cuba #cuban #classiccuban #cubancars #classiccars #cubancar #vintagecars #cubanos #latinamerica #cubatravel #havana #habana #cubanstyle #latinamerica #streetphotographer #havanaphotography #havanacuba #myheartisinhavana #cubaphotography #womenwhotravel #traveler #travelislife #lifeofmissydi

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So by the grace of God.. as always >>> This random taxi driver comes down this dark road .. and parks right in front of the restaurant where I am standing- There are no tourists, no people, no cars, no lights and no other businesses… lol just me and this classic cuban car… Im like, okay is this is a SIGN?!

He says, “taxi?”

I respond “si… te quieres mas fiesta…. Cuando Fabrica Arte de Cubano”.. Taxi man: “no problemo — cinco dolares” ($5.00) — actually cheaper than my personal driver who was charging $30.00 for the whole night!

I got into this beautiful classic car w/ Luisito — 23 years old – super gorgeous, muscles, tongue piercing, best smile that you can ask for.. whew…. Cuban man who spoke NO English – lol omgawd it was epic night, let’s talk about it…….. shall we? ;]

— // —

No Entrada, Por Que???

We went to the art warehouse to find “no entrada” dammitt — WHY! I wanted to enjoy drinks, art and music — they said no entrance until January 18th because of restoration — I’m like ya know I researched all day where I wanted to go tonight, took screenshots of the google maps because internet doesn’t exist here — I became frustrated because I don’t speak Spanish but I wanted to be with Luisito much longer…. So I had a plan!

I asked him to take for local cervaza (beer) — we drove about 10 minutes, listening to reggaeton <3 to this place in the middle of random Havana —looked like someone’s house.. I’m like umm “amigo casa????” This place was so secret — it had no signs or lights… just one huge black door and a door man that checked purses & patted people down.. We went inside.. wow, damn. More than a dozen beautiful women at the barside with loud latin music playing and crazy light shows happening from two floors.. After spending money on a few drinks, I realized this is a hot spot for tourists to come and get some “play” — these women were absolutely stunning. Trying to make some cash.

This underground venue was strict about who they let in.. who got to stay in VIP etc.. and to my surprise it was no problem that I had a VIP table with Luisito for 2 hours…I was intimidated, the working girls were absolutely stunning and I was a minority – the only white girl that was with Cuban man whom couldn’t even speak the same language lol – we just used phrases we knew and danced, spoke slowly, used our hands.. All I wanted was a night of dancing and he gave that to me.

I watched the entire room of girls looking for their next break; I get it.. you gotta make ends meet and whatever you have to do – sell yourself, fuck around, it doesn’t matter – you have to do it… $$$ talks and when you don’t have a lot of opportunity; you must be creative. I am not dissing the working girls.. we actually had a “moment” in the restroom together which made me feel like equal game….here’s why:

You have to pay the lady at the door to use the bathroom facilities; the door lady was so tired that she couldn’t even keep her head up… I walked past her and she didn’t blink once… staring down to the ground while sitting at a small table with tray of small change and gum (to sell).

I used the restroom while listening to the beautiful, ‘working girls’ speak in Spanish about the tourists that were at the bar..  I understand things because I look and pay attention to my surroundings… I can pick up phrases… words sound the same in all languages. I finished my business and went to use the sink to wash my hands. These beautiful woman kept telling me that I was Linda (meaning gorgeous in Spanish).. no no no — these women were absolutely stunning; it looked like they spent hours to get ready. We spoke for a couple seconds in Spanish / English (Spanglish) I call it lol

On my way out, I pulled $10 CUC from my purse – (about 10 American dollars) put into my hand, slipped it to the tired ladie’s reach at the table and said “Feliz Uno Neuva” meaning Happy New Year — she gave me a box of gum. I know.. I have been there — when you don’t want to be where you work.. and you just feel mentally exhausted – it’s okay, I made her whole night because!!! Those beautiful girls told me that I was gorgeous.. when in fact, I was intimidated the entire night by their beauty.. give give give give — to get back! I gave to her because those beautiful woman made me feel good —

— I was like .. oka, okay Oka, okay, it’s time to go to my Cuban friend — men are on the prowl and I am over it.. lololol. Off to the classic car — but first pay $1.00 peso for parking (common). Luisito took me to an underground night club…. Again – it was intimidating – men checked my purse, patted him down.. demanded that we move our car (twice) lmao!

Take the GOOD with the GOOD

We walked into a huge hall that only had mirrors from top to bottom.. like fuck me, I don’t want to see what I look like when Im drunk lmao – but it’s ok! The music was loud and pumping! Okay baby.. let’s run it.

Walking inside, it was shoulder to shoulder of all Cuban people — no tourists. Okay I can do this — peww deep breath, I grabbed his Hand and guided him to the DJ area because (if you know me, I go where the bass is). Jajaja he was like oh shit, she’s crazy lol well he said loco – which means crazy in Spanish.

We stayed for roughly 30 minutes until Luisito said – VAMOS!! time to go.. so again, off to another local bar.. much much much more local.. He took me to a place that had a huge screen playing salsa music and maybe 10 people in the entire place.. this was much more chill. I could tell that he liked it better too…. Everyone was on super date / chill night — it was an “after hours” bar. I absolutely LOVED the vibes.

WE stayed out together until almost 4AM — this was becoming most-likely one of my favorite nights in Havana. So sweet — no idea how to communicate but he was completely drawn to my beauty and energy.. and I was open to whatever possibilities were to come.

I am only human — just like you… making mistakes and taking chances. But at least I take the risks.

I don’t know why he wanted to take me around or how he even found me — but he showed me an entire scene in Havana that you cannot explore – you have to know someone because advertising isn’t allowed — so events and venues — they are not publicized… it was another blessing dropped from the heavens above to make this adventure worth my while.

— I am not afraid to travel alone..  I am not afraid to stand in a dark street with random ass people walking around.. and no lights for 35 minutes… I was waiting waiting waiting for my taxi friend to come and nothing… this blessing – Luisito comes out of nowhere lol and shows me around Havana, Cuba… the crazy parts.

Well you know how the night ended ;] let’s just say we were both satisfied with the outcome jajajaj

My heart is in Havana….

Brighter days for endless exploration.

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