Some R&R For Myself


Accessibility is limited in Canggu which makes walking a challenge. The sidewalks are not level, it can be hilly or a sandy beach area. After walking for miles on the first few days, I decided that I needed a “ME” day. My “ME” day was to help relax my muscles and control my mindset of thoughts collected for the day.

I researched spas and massages in Canggu – I found this really nice one called Kirana; which is near the beach and almost walking distance to the office, Dojo Bali.

I called a taxi to take me to Kirana, it was very confusing to get inside the hotel. I walked through a restaurant and asked for the spa services. I was shuttled up the 3rd floor but because I didn’t make an appt, I had to go all the way back outside to another area.. I went to the registration desk to book an appt but he said it wasn’t necessary and walked me back to the spa area on 3rd floor.. LOL Wasn’t this massage going to be to help my current muscle pain, not increase it.

The hotel was so gorgeous – I fell in love with the view!

Bali Massage

Bali Massage

Anyways, I get back to the spa with the hotel reservation greeter and immediately started the process. I selected the “ME” package which was 2 hours of comfort & relaxation.

The room was so beautifully decorated with flowers, scents and low lighting. My therapist gave me a Balinese massage first, followed by deep body scrub, facial, hand / shoulder massage and wrapped up with a flower bath including tea to enjoy!

Bali Massage

Bali Massage

My muscles were on fire before she started and I tell ya — she definitely did a surfer treatment because she was working her elbows to put my shoulder back in place.. She goes, “tight there” lol yes… it is always tight in my shoulders.

It is challenging to get around in a different country because you don’t know what to expect. I’ve been paying for Taxi’s or walking everywhere because I cant get on the back of a scooter comfortably. I am going to try out  the scooter ride soon but unsure if I’ll be able to last, haha! I brought my electric scooter but it doesn’t go fast enough for these crazy drivers.

I was relieved after the ME spa package experience.. I went ALL out on this massage. The entire treatment cost less than $40USD.. wow! I really enjoyed the flower bath with tea.. and the best part was the comfort of my shoulders.


GO get your R&R at Kirana Hotel & Spa

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Bali