Never Stop Exploring

Travel Quote

Travel is good for your soul.
Travel is good for your body.
Travel is great for understanding other cultures.

I’ve been bite by the travel bug in Canggu! After exploring different parts of the island, I’ve realized that I can continue working remotely from other destinations.

I set some time aside to research other coworking offices in different parts of the world. My efforts of planning ahead will determine which countries are worth visiting. I like to read other people’s experiences, reviews and if the timing is right.

So far, my “coworking destination” list for 2017 travel:

  • Berlin
  • Budapest
  • Seoul
  • Bali (again)
  • Thailand
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • and parts of South America

What is coworking? Coworking is a space that allows you to work remotely from an organization / office that provides internet and great atmosphere. I’ve experienced many coworking offices in Detroit, MI that provide access to transportation, fast WiFi, different levels of companies involved and many other features.

I am currently housed at the coworking office in Canggu called Dojo Bali. Dojo Bali is similar in structure to the spaces I’ve housed in Detroit. The office provides workshops to learn more in digital media marketing, social opportunities to get comfortable & acquainted as well as one block away from the beach! Can’t beat that!

Here is an example of a social event that we had at Dojo Bali — a BBQ with delicious food, music and — as you can see – still working hard! Coworking is a different level of individuals – we are passionate about our businesses and strive to help each other grow.

Happy Friday – BBQ with my coworkers in beautiful Bali #coworking

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Never Enough Time

I can plan my day to a “t” when I’m back in Detroit. The hustle is 120 mph – a completely new way of doing things. Detroit is America’s comeback city and I’m proud to be involved in growing the community in every way that I can… but now that I’ve been in Bali for 2 weeks; I’ve realized that I don’t have to constantly be on the go > ALL THE TIME to get the things that I need to get done. I can make accommodations in my schedule to have a better work / life balance which is something that I desperately needed.. it actually prompted me to take the trip. Too many people lean on me to do their things for them with nothing in return. I’m too nice of a friend to say no and at times, I’m not charging enough for short deadlines, especially weekends when I take more time to do errands like grocery shopping, printing, car maintenance. Setting those things aside, now that I’m in Bali without a car and need for providing personal errands, I am more relaxed, calm, heath is great and I feel good about what I’m doing in my life. I’m still running my social media agency.. like a boss lady < I might add! I've spent more time updating my agency website ( and marketing my services online. Brands / Organizations want to work with the best of the best.. it starts with your own brand presence. I've completely revamped the look & feel of my social media presence for the agency & I was able to take all of my services and package them up! Something that I've been wanting to do for a year! I am saving more time in my day because I'm communicating via phone, text, email or Skype for client calls -- instead of physically traveling across Detroit. travel quotes

Bali has taught me 4 things about what to apply towards my business in Detroit

1. If I am worth it, they will wait.

I extended my trip in Bali because there is so much to see, I’m just getting my feet wet and I’m falling in love with my fellow co-workers. I scheduled appts in Detroit for mid-August but negotiated so that I could really enjoy my time in Bali. I am thankful that I was able to adjust the in-person meetings to over the phone to keep the momentum going.

2. Learn to take time for myself

I am halfway done reading a book! A BOOK! Something tangible..print.. that I can hold in my hands and break away from the screen. I literally post up on the hotel rooftop by the beach or kick back at the beach next to the office. It is so bliss. And the book recommendation from my specialist at the hospital was so on-point.. she totally gets me.

3. Find motivational people that will go the limit

Social media is not rocket science and doesn’t require chilling in an office all day. You can do complete any social media project from any computer that has connection to the internet. This is the longest time that I’ve been away from my team and yes – I can truly says “soldiers are falling.” There are agencies / clients that I need to remove myself because they are not willing to allow me to do my lifestyle the way that I want to do it. Sometimes relationships do not work out and at the end of the day – I don’t really want the stress from settling on something that I’m not passionate about. I cannot express how much time I spend traveling to offices or events when honestly – they could come to my office.

Who doesn’t love a visit to Detroit?

I’ve lifted myself back up from that hump by finding other motivational people to be on the ground floor while I’m away. I’m truly humble & thankful that I can inspire my team to keep moving along, even when their “quarterback” < which is what they call me.. is halfway around the world.

4. Be Happy

If something is working the way that you want it too, take a hard look at your options. If you are giving up something for other people.. is it worth it? Life is too short to take no for an answer. Life is too short to let people walk all over you.

In conclusion, if you are unhappy with what you are doing.. it is okay to take a few steps back and analyze a thought process on how to get where you want to be. I removed myself from Detroit so that I can think about goals for myself, my brand and my business. I was stuck in a rut and wasn’t happy. I’m thankful that my health has been good and I haven’t required a trip to the doctor. To be honest with you… I think it was stress taking over my body. Now that I’m learning to relax and open my heart up; I’m 100% ready to get on the next level. My business is benefiting from this trip because I’m no longer thinking about everyone else .. all the time. I’m thinking about where I want to be… and I’m almost 30 years old. So no fear if you are just starting out. Everything takes time and as you can see, it took me this long to realize my worth in the social media game