8 Social Media Practices For Better Business


Are you optimizing your social media platforms for further reach to drive traffic to your business?

Learn how to leverage social media channels to reach potential customers while building brand visibility with these social media tactics. With these social media tactics, you will discover how to deliver resourceful content across multiple online communities within a cost effective marketing budget. Your ultimate goals for a successful social media strategy should highlight ROI, driving sales, generating leads, and measuring multiple digital components using tracking tools.

8 Social Media Practices Every Business Should Be Using

1. Establish a strategic social media marketing plan. Include business goals, values, objectives and success key indicators. Post ideas & key topics to visualize the marketing strategy for everyone to understand. The company digital footprint is important for brand reputation. + Ask yourself, what are you hoping to achieve?

+ What does success look like for your business?
+ What is the purpose & value of your products or services?

Create a calendar of engagement that includes value-added content that will highlight weekly objectives. Assign writing and other editorial tasks to key members of your team. Learn more about creating a social media marketing plan.

2. Get to know your target audience. Social media becomes easier to understand as you connect with the right audience. Use the ‘voice of the company’ to communicate with your users on a more personable level that is consistent on posts.

3. Become a resource, mentor and leader. Influence the industry as a thought leader by providing free advice, website links and helpful information that helped grow your business. Establish trust by sharing content on a daily basis to multiple platforms, reposting content helps search engine optimization. Use different types of media – webinars, PDFs, video, graphics, TweetChat and other trending media.

4. Determine which social media channels are best for your business. Each social media channel offers an opportunity to share your business expertise, services or products. Optimize each about section or biography by adding keywords, industry terms and interaction to the company website or other social media channels. View this blog on how to understand the differences between each social media network.

5. Identify where your customers spend their time online. Ask a simple question on Facebook or Twitter asking what customers want to see and where do they find it? What platforms are customers connected: video, email, social, web or others. You may use email newsletter tools like Constant Contact or MailChimp to send information. Or upload promotional videos to your company website.

6. Create brand consistency. Each social media platform should have identical graphics, colors, verbiage and company representation. Add the logo to the header images or background images to show ownership of the platform. Consistency will build brand representation as fans and followers begin to remember your company identity.

7. Act personable with your community. Interact with your audience by asking questions, sourcing information and utilizing a hashtag for users to engage with your brand. Turn this content into valuable information by re-creating content that is tailored around what your audience is asking for. Speak in a consistent manner so your tone of voice sounds the same on every blog post, comment or web page. Respond within minimum 12 hours if a follower has connected with you. If you wait too long, they may have already gone to your competition.

8. Customize graphic visuals that draw your audience in! Each graphic design should include a way to identify that this image came from your brand. Add a logo, website link or something that will drive engagement and fuel conversation. Customized graphic visuals will appeal users to share the image with their network. Think of something that you would share with your network.

Social media is a critical component for and effective marketing strategy because every brand is competing for the next big thing.  Business owners seek guidance on where to start with all of the buzz generated online. Utilize these social media tactics to get your business started with a solid social media strategy.

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