Social Media Marketing For Small Biz

social media small business

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

It is important for your business to grow by developing a presence on social media. Results don’t happen overnight but crafting a loyal following of fans will.. implement the following when crafting your marketing plan:

+ Establish a strategic plan – Set goals and meet them! Discuss a marketing budget for advertising and who will be responsible for handling social media for your business. Identify what social media handles to post on, what the topics of interest and if there is an advertising budget available.

+ Identify target audience – Know where your customers are and how to locate them. Identify their interests, age, location so you can better understand what they like to see posted on social media.

+ Optimize current social networks – Take your current social media networks and add fluff. Update your graphics, phone number, about section or run advertisements that drive actions.

+ Create curated content for 30 posts – Don’t waste precious business development by sitting in front of the screen each day to think of what to post. Utilize your social media strategy to craft ideas & brainstorm what to post over the next month. Drop all of your content ideas in a content calendar so you can visually see what will be posted.

social media small business

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