Is Social Media Right For You?

Melissa DiVietri

Ask yourself the following questions

  • How Successful Is Your Business With Social Media Interaction?
  • Do you have a following of industry influencers?
  • Have you generated ROI from active social media users?

If you’re seeking a consultation on what avenues are best for your business, this is the time to connect! Learn how to improve your brand presence with social media management. From curating content with titles that attract users > to converting these social media users into subscribers or new business! There are SO many pathways to be a successful business – the bus has left the station. And the more the internet grows, the further social media will affect your business.

Tell me something – have you ever Googled your name or your business? What typically shows up on the first page (hopefully you.. unless you have a common name). The first few website listings should be your business website, press releases or news articles – but do you notice that social media typically dominates 50% of the first page on Google.

I have seen many businesses who create a social media network for their business – utilize it for a week and give up. Don’t give up, that social network is still online and still indexing on Google! I understand that a business owner manages multiple hats but there is tremendous opportunities to time manage.

Don’t panic – it is very easy to moderate your time efficiently by using social media listening, scheduling and content tools. Let me HELP you be successful!

social media classes

As a professional social media strategist – I build influential networks for small to corporate businesses. These networks ENGAGE with the page, talk, chat, tweet, retweet or share. They interact with the business brand by asking questions, quoting or even reaching out for services / products.

Showcase a professional network that focuses on the company mission, objectives, and voice.

Consulting & Training is AVAILABLE.