Social Media Marketing for Conferences

Social Media Marketing for Conferences

Social Media Marketing for Conferences & Exhibitions
– How to use social media listening, hashtag marketing and create buzz worthy content that attracts attendees & prospective attendees.


1. On-Site // Real Time Social Media Marketing TO PROMOTE: Conferences & Exhibitions

2. DI Designs Studio Founder: Melissa DiVietri Based in Detroit, MI Services Offered: โ— Social Media Publication โ— Real Time Reporting โ— GeoLocating Tools โ— Social Media Listening โ— Crisis Management –

3. Drive ROI in Event Marketing

4. Event Marketing Scope: โ— Outreach: Target valuable users in-advance โ— Measure feedback or crowd sourcing โ— Engage audience with teaser content โ— Promote keynote individuals or important information โ— Create action through building campaigns on social platforms โ— Share real-time photos / videos or live stream* โ— Attract attendees to certain areas of the venue.

5. Create Buzz-Worthy Content That Users Will Share Create Buzz-Worthy Content That Users Will Share

6. Hashtag Associate your conference / event with a hashtag. eg: #MissyDI to track, listen & measure performance.

7. Hashtag Marketing Engage with users in real-time with social media listening tools. Example of a dashboard >

8. Aggregate โ€œOne-Viewโ€ Simplify the process by adding ALL social media platforms in one software for real time responding.

9. What is Geo-Location? Search by location in real-time:

10. Real-Time Engagement Programs with Built in Geo-Location Tools

11. Understand Big Data Who the top influencers are, what is being tweets, what keywords are used…

12. Top Influencers Recognized

13. How Did We Do?

14. What Is Included: Real-Time Monitoring Engage with active users that are mentioning the conference on the web or social media platforms. Promote Speakers / Seminars / News / Hotel Info / Resources Mention resources and information about the conference that encourages users to share with their networks. Use Efficient Hashtag Marketing Create context around branded hashtags to track trends, measure performance and listen on social media. Custom marketing strategy will be provided to create buzz worthy content!