Intern Goes Behind-The-Scenes To Print Production Area


There are many newspapers that our office will print, I took a quick view behind-the-scenes using Vine.

Our press crew is printing Thursdays version “Petoskey News Review” on a large web-press
I have past experience on print-presses, shout out to the Ferris State University printing program. The press crew on my internship site host many Ferris State alumni. I was geeked, or thrilled, to hear that my fellow co-workers have been in my program. I shared new inights on the program changes, what classes our students are required to take and how printing professionals will visit during career fairs or special presentations. I am so proud to be a Bulldog!
Before the end of the summer, I’ll hop into press clothes and run the web-press. Why not utilize all the information I gathered from FSU?

I chirped up yesterday when an ad copy looked really bad during the press run. I surfed thru page-by-page to look for any color errors, image alterations, pagination and margin widths. I found a logo that didn’t rip properly from our CTO program. Later, I found the ad was created in publisher, which is absolute shit. Our personnel couldn’t fix on the fly and asked to get a new ad. I had them send over the ad to my email.

I demonstrated how to trouble-shoot in Adobe Acrobt using Ink Manager tools in the Print Production panel. I talked through how-to find the color problem to a co-worker. We found the total area coverage was off in all colors.. the color was pulling from CMYK.. and should have been only using K… basically to get the color black, the total area coverage utilized all colors – yellow, magenta, cyan. This ad copy was fixable.. and could be done in a few minutes with the right tools.

I imported the bad ad into Illustrator (PDF document). Outlined the logo text using the direct tool, white arrow, I cut the object. Place the object on a new art board. The tracing object feature came into handy, to smooth the jagged edges– you may need to click expand in the top navigation. Opened Photoshop, placed the logo into a new document. Adjusted the color levels in the adjustments panel, and increased black to 100%. Cut the object again, threw into place on the Illustrator doc.. BOOM! Done.. guess what?? Took less than 3.5 minutes!! Lifestyle of a creative behind the screen all the time!

Melissa DiVietri Intern