Bay Harbor Vintage Car & Boat Festival

bay harbor


June 22, 2013

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Bay Harbor hosted an annual Boat & Car Show between Charlevoix and Petoskey, Michigan. The Bay Harbor area was private, secluded to the finest community with their own pool, country club, yacht club and the list continues. The mansions were enormous surrounded by fences within a gated community. Some of the million dollar homes were rarely used, besides the summer months when business professionals or retired folks would relax in their nestled home in Northern Michigan. I was fascinated by the amount of nice cars, big homes and fancy shopping centers for one community.

From classic cars to luxury wooden boats, there was a mixture from old school to new school models. I was impressed on how the collectors would keep their beautiful vintage cars & boats in such excellent condition. Collectors had their own trailers, some the size of semis, to hook on the back of the vehicles to pull these gems to the car show.

My favorite part about the show, the people watching. Some members of the community wore their finest yacht club outfit, designer shoes, purses and fitted polos. I was in love with the summer fashion, the warm pastels that resembled the color palette of the harbor.

We walked around the different areas of the car & boat show. From young money to 5th/6th generation of money – these collectors all had the same thing in common; loved their memorabilia. I would adore riding in one of the wooden boats someday, the way the boat glistens a reflection on the water – priceless.

Bay Harbor Vintage Car & Boat Show

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