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We are stuck inside our homes but this is teaching a valuable lesson

How it feels to be completely isolated (in a way) this is a good thing – use this time to be inspired with your own skills or talent – music, art, yoga, meditation – try to relax and not focus on too much expect building yourself up. how do you think people in carcel and institutes feel 24/7 of the day? this is just a taste of medicine ; without the medicine.

Be kind / Be respectful / and understand that the world is going thru this together. I’ve immediately wanted to run back to the States to be with the family – but I’m trying to stick it out. I’m encouraging myself to actively find a new home ; new apartment for different vibrations and energies. Any folks know of someone in Poblado or Laureles, gimme a shout! #newadventures #timeforchange #beinspired – @missydi_artist

abstarct artist


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