Which do you pick?

abstract art

Which do you pick? #

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Visit in person @epichotel – 270 Biscayne Way Bld – Miami

Seeking a lil advice here. Im an independent artist, I dont have a management company or agency that represents me. There is a terrible delay in processing financial statements from a recent project. (A simple contract in email with terms is in effect).

I am moving this weekend, my phone is currently shut off, Ive been holding my breath since Monday for the check and now overdrafting myself to make ends meet for the completion of the project while evolving into a new city to live in. Would this be the time to send to a lawyer + add fees for inconvenience and statements from my losses? Or a trip to the emergency room for the panic attack that I had the last few days from no sleep and anxiety holding over my head? I will not be able to finish moving tomorrow and forfeit my possessions.

Welp 🔂Help ! My next payday is next Wednesday and I have to be out by Monday!

Please send me a hail mary, please make the stress in my neck go away… please prove me that Im not being used again.

Angels, where are you? Do I make a video to blast online? What do I do? The opportunity doesnt outweigh the stress coming from it 😞😞

abstract art
abstract art