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My remote working adventures never seem to amaze me. I have been hopping from place to place – looking for the best deals in coffee and good vibes / ambience. Shinola Hotel Detroit is near the top of my list with the artistic creations that cover the walls, friendly staff and $3.00 coffee :O yes they caught me at the $3.00 coffee lol

Have a listen to today’s vlog where I’m giving light on all the things in my life –

– sourcing new opportunities in Europe
– planning next moves in the industry
– graphically designing images for client approval
– taking time for self care because I need it
– and staying accountable to get things done.. no matter what

During the middle of this video; I made a couple feel uncomfortable. I remember looking up to see this boyfriend & girlfriend; ask for their bill halfway through their wine drinks. I could tell the woman (of this couple) was not enjoying her boyfriend having direct stare at me. Meaning – every time he looked up just for a glance, I was the direct eye contact across the room. Well excuse me for sitting in pathway of people’s eyeballs lol Not sure why people can be so insecure or not enjoying their day… from first glance, I could tell they were not residents of Detroit but maybe just visiting for a weekend vacation. The moment this couple exit; poor guy… he is trapped; I can tell the gal is not an easy going person; the moment this couple exited; a group of 5 sat in their area replacing the weird energy that was there before LOL this new group picked up these books on photographs of Detroit — sat there, turning the pages, and enjoying cocktails. It was a nice trade… but I do feel awkward that my shining energy most likely made the previous couple leave. How can I control how much radiance I project in the space… its just natural for me to shine .. and smile.. and look up.. and make eye contact — basic, human interaction – people. Its called “smiling.”

I dont pay peace of mine.. I am motivated by where I work.. my independence gives me freedom to be creative. I am lucky to have a platform where I can open my computer and my office is here. I look at my schedule and realize that I need to do more; I need to be more productive and send outreach messages / graphically design / prepare in advance instead of real -time.

melissa divietrimelissa divietri



  1. Never allow any one permission to dim your shine, it is definitely someone’s North Star…..I’ve deshined for many in my day, always people i adored as a friend or as a lover or foe….. MsDiV~ it’ll never be dim enough … light it up girl !!! ✌❤ C.

  2. hello darling; I think of your comment so much. I only want to be the best version of myself – The #1 reason why I wake up everyday – is to make myself happy; and along the way there are people that need my energy to get thru their day. The efforts are a never ending circle of up – down and around. I appreciate that you left a lil message for me Cheryl. Lets light it up together!


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