He Didnt Get A Rose? Bachelorette Here

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Im planted in the David Whitney Building; thinking about how my day went out, how things go one way – then turn a corner to go another way. Just my plan, I suppose.. to follow my heart with an open mind and not force things.

In this vlog, I’m sharing the ups / downs of a typical day in my world; where nothing is really expected because plans dont exist. People dont deal with issues unless they are in front of them; I think I am a bit different – I deal with them, before they happen.. before life is in front of me.. Trying to capture myself at least 10 steps in advance. So when one thing falls out, then another will fall into place, right?

Waiting for dates… waiting for rejection.. waiting for what, really? Because I dont feel like I have time to wait. I just pray and enjoy life as the punches roll out.

– Im trying to think about how to handle myself.. how to handle people who make an impression me, make a plan – but then break it off. Like flat, just like – “why you act like that?”

Here’s what I think… I live in a beautiful apartment, my view of the city is absolutely stunning but Im running out of time to balance work / life and play.. One thing that I can do – is to continue going at my own pace; so lets have a journey shall we?

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melissa divietri