Secret set in Detroit

Still Loading Detroit

Secret set in detroit- follow link @djtonyguerra @teknonoofficial @mikihumo @di.techno #detroittechno

@houseofdank.8mile kicks off our last pre loading party. 🔥🔥🦩 come our for live music, special vendors, food trucks and goodies! Free pre roll – say ‘still loading’ 🍬🦩👑 #dreamteam

Still Loading Detroit

House of Dank 💨💨💨💨💨💨 3340 8 Mile Rd, Detroit 💎💎 4:30pm to 8pm – food – smoke – music – art – leggoooo #stillloadingdetroit

Still Loading Detroit

Preview of tomorrow night for STILL LOADING👑🦩@djtonyguerra @missydi_artist @alexhunt_subtractive @raedylex @djgodfatherdetroit

Cute boss mode 👑👑#ditechno @di.techno

are you. Readyyyy @di.techno


@versace_james x @shane_parks going b2b 5:45-7pm @di.techno

Still Loading Detroit

@gabyhemlok @raedylex #ditechno