Paper Diamond + Excision @ Fillmore Detroit


Light show was off the hook! 100,000 watts of sound, I had my ear plugs on deck! The balcony was shaking, ceiling falling on my shoulders, I was in the zone! I took my hand and scraped across the balcony railing, all white dust from the ceiling. I was scared for a minute, I’ll be honest. The balcony was bouncing to the bass. Everytime I leaned against the seat cushion, my butt vibrated and bounced to the beat.

I had my hair ready, makeup on point & outfit on deck! Security met us at the front door & walked us to our seats. Of course, I only stayed for a few moments before bouncing to the general admission floor. I danced so long & with groups of people. Everyone was moving to the beat and trap stepping!

We made it to the center of the balcony on the third floor.. it was amazing. There were two seats left in the front – dead center. I took some good video in that spot.

And than, the front of the front. Yes, security allowed me to go in front of the stage to get a good video.. I was glowing!!! Ohh this had to be the best show of my entire electronic music career (besides the Forest)

Paper Diamond + Excision @ Fillmore Detroit

Fillmore Detroit

Paper Diamond Fillmore Detroit

Excision Fillmore Detroit

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