My life in suitcases…

disability life

My life in suitcases… The views make up for not having many materials 😅 ⛰ 

My sound effects impersonating a tropical storm in Medellin 😙😜

Balancing all of the attention that steams from social media.. the good, bad & ugly 😨😰

Somethings going on in the satellites because I am locked out of my Facebook, Google #crazytimes

#disabilityawareness I use forearm crutches to walk — my weapons for life battles.

I am embracing all of the qualities that come unique bodies. I love this overwhelming feeling❤️

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it that it’s not difficult to travel with a disability #disabilityawareness

I prepare for ALL when I’m travel with my medical device and service animal #disability

There needs to be a disability hotline when there’s an emergency for discrimination 🤌🏼 #disability

How can $1 billion business spend four days for what is said to be an emergency escalation service?

Why doesn’t Airbnb hold itself accountable for accessibility policies that are for disabilities?