Is Finally Awake!!! Aint That The Truth… 🤢🤢

Life of of missydi

Is finally awake!!! Ain’t that the truth… 🤢🤢

Tonight was the absolute worst episode of my body in at least a year, my goodness

I thought id be hugging the bathroom floor for at least 6 hours. Panic & anxiety attacks are unbearable — and they arrive without notice- hey bitch, boom! 💣 .. yet the stress keeps climbing

In other news, nice little reminders to myself that ive been on my jock for the last 15 years 😂 lololololol i crack up reading this sh*t; im crying from laughing.. needed in this moment after my energy was drained from my body by a panic attack— that felt like a shark attack instead 🦈 there’s no way to control them except calm your heart.

‘…is awake finally’ 🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏽‍♀️Ya’ll be waking up in 2020 from the pandemic but ive been clear as day since the beginning. I ‘just’ act like im stupid because its easier than arguing or attempting to put my values on someone… while I silently destroy their intake in my mind. Karate chop!

And crack me up with my #tags from 10 years ago.. always knew I was a trend creator snaps*** 💁‍♀️ alwayssssss ahead of the game!

Facebook sucks; the biggest conspiracy platform put there.. but they do have their gems when they send flashbacks for memories ‘on this day’

I’ve been grinding & flowing from university to agency to night life.. to night owl madness in the MacLab!! Pumping homework assignments after full time job and a double major in Engineering && Art School!! this life did not happen over night.

11 years of education + 3 diplomas – 7 advertising agencies


Im going on vacation this June 2021 for 6 months… watch me do it ✈️ 12 countries + a suitcase. I need to see life again, i need to breathe before there’s no time to enjoy what ive created.

When there’s a will, there’s A way

Life of of missydiLife of of missydiLife of of missydiLife of of missydi


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The Artwork On This Airplane Though 😏😏😏😏😏

The artwork on this airplane though 😏😏😏😏😏 Got me thinking ooo lala abstract artwork on the airplanes. Flying into your dreams by the art to inspire your lil Ass for excitement and change in life.

your Captain

Of Course I Had To Go Full Out On The Last Day Of The Festival ❤️❣️

Of course I had to go full out on the last day of the festival ❤️❣️ Of course I had to go full out on the last day of the festival ❤️❣️ I need to show my true self in these artist eyes!! 💎 dropping gems in them. turn on notifications for my account @missydi Fan […]


Jet Setter… Go Getter And One Crazy B!! 😍 ✈️

Jet setter… go getter and one crazy B!! Took the red eye to hop, skip and jump across the ocean … because ‘I felt like it.’ Just woke up one day and got right into 😍😍 So exciting!! ✈️✈️✈️❤️ #passportready

sun kissed

Life Hits Different Now 🌈

Life hits different now 🌈 Life hits different now 🌈protecting my energy turn on notifications for my account @missydi Fan page @missydi.jpeg   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Missydi Fanpage (@missydi.jpeg)

Living on the edge

Living On The Edge 🫣

Living on the edge 🫣 Looking straight down There’s no other feeling like your chest hurting all day from anxiety. I worry 🤣😂 But my angels got me