Greektown, Detroit


I am constantly inspired by my surroundings. I am in love with the city of Detroit and all of it’s beauty. After a long 10 hour work-day, saving a kitten under a trailer in Detroit (yes, saved a baby kitten).. I decided to treat myself to an adventure in Greektown. I hopped on the people mover, many of you know that this is my favorite part of Detroit… it is our only transit besides the bus – which I have not mastered.


The People Mover is an above ground transit in downtown Detroit. It will take you around the city in 15 minutes for only $0.75. I typically ride the people mover about 3’xs per week. I am fascinated by all of the construction and growth in the city. I like to see how progress in coming on renovations and establishments.

I hopped on the people mover with all of my gear.. I immediately knew that after dinner, I would be heading back to the office to finalize a few more last minute Friday emails. I arrived at the Greektown station — I could immediately smell the smoke from the casino. Phew. If I didnt get headaches from the smell; I wouldn’t complain. I held my breathe, grabbed the elevator and went to the first floor to exit.

Greektown Detroit

I’ve arrived!! You know that you’re in Greektown by the delicious smells coming from everywhere. I walked around for awhile before deciding where to enjoy a bite to eat. I wanted to sit outside and Pappy’s Bar & Grill looked like the perfect spot. I ordered an IPA to pair with a chicken sandwich. There were a lot of people walking up & down the cross streets – taking photos, enjoying dinner or just living life.

Here is a quick video capturing the life in Greektown!

I would definitely like to enjoy Greektown more often. I will have to bring my clients here sometime.
Melissa DiVietri