5 Favorite Memories From California

Beverly Hills

I took an impromptu trip to California because it’s been years since I’ve lived in Irvine. One night, I got online to Expedia.com and booked a continental suite in downtown Los Angeles for a few days away. I was so excited about my adventure — however; I didn’t pack until a few hours before lift off! I had to get prepared to be on the plane so I tried to get as far ahead with my social media work as possible.

The travel was a bit scary at first because I was taking my scooter to help me get around without getting tired quickly.I had to wait a really long time to get my scooter checked and a female assist to check my entire body. I guess it wasn’t really the long wait that got me upset.. it was the fact that everyone was watching me get searched while I stood there helplessly trying not to fall. My items were left unattended for more than 20 minutes; which is why I didn’t ask for a private room. I wasn’t about to walk away from my laptop, personal belongings, purse, phone and medical supplies. I swallowed my pride and let them do their thing – touch me everywhere. It can be challenging traveling as a disabled person.. there are so many extra things that you must do to prepare yourself:

  • Call the airlines ahead of time to let them know that I was coming
  • Request special seating that is close to the front to get on & off easy
  • Claim my scooter & hope that it makes to the final destination
  • Ensure that a wheelchair is there to pick me up between lay-aways

I would say that my trip to Los Angeles was VERY successful. It was so enjoyable that I may go back in the next 30 days — I can get use to sunny California and the nightlife. I rounded up my Top 5 Memories from California that I shared on social media using Periscope & Snapchat .. so for some of you; this may be a recap on what you’ve already seen

Top 5 Memories from California

#5 Beverly Hills

I searched online for a good place to explore in Beverly Hills – I found this beautiful Custom Yellow & Black Bugatti Veyron that was parked right outside Bijan – a high-end clothing store. I looked at my friend, who met me in California, and immediately knew this was where we had to go. I called an Uber on my smart phone (to reduce costs and save time) – it would have taken an hour and two buses to get there.. and I don’t know the city that well; so I knew I was on to something.

When we arrived at Bijan, the Bugatti was not there – however this beautiful custom yellow car was parked out front. It looked like a photo out of a magazine!

I ventured off to “window shop” all of the expensive boutiques and take photos of the cars.

Beverly HillsAfter wondering around for an hour, I decided to grab a bite to eat before my night out on the prowl. I grabbed my smart food – searched “american food near me” and the first listing with the “The Grill on the Alley” – literally an alley with a restaurant parked here. Look at this corner ! haha

I walked inside; and immediately knew this was an “A-List” place.. uh oh.
the grill on the alley

melissa divietri LAI didn’t have a reservation, which is something you commonly have to do when going out in this area. They were very sweet to let me sit at the bar side. My bartender had been working for the restaurant for over 33 years; he had the best stories! There were even celebrities (whom I didn’t recognize) sitting at the tables beside me. I thought – hey, I made it this far – Im going to treat myself. I ordered a delicious cocktail and peaked at the menu for a once in a lifetime experience.

Yes — the filet mignon – it is a MUST for this area. My dinner arrived hot and ready — the steak was cooked perfect and the staff was exceptionally sweet. I paid well over $100 for the entire meal but worth the experience.

Beverly Hills Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills come in at #5 on my list for delicious food, exceptional service and gorgeous window shopping experience.

Read on to learn the #4 experience in California

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