That Face…

Melissa DiVietri

When you find out your medical appeals went through.  I was absolutely shocked.

Melissa DiVietri


Wow! It took 6 weeks and two letters from the doctor last time to have this prescription covered. If it wasn’t a $300.00 per month prescription; I wouldn’t have an issue. However – many of you know that I’ve been battling with medical rights and insurance coverage since I turned 18 years old. I have been getting more organized with how to handle the appeal letters and who to contact. I’m proud of myself for making time to connect with the right resources, and thankful for my advocate who has been helping along the way.

It is a draining and emotional rollercoaster to have a disease. There is nothing that I can do about what I have – I just want my quality of life to be better, improve. I am not a fan of oral medication so I have injections in my head / neck / shoulders every month to block the nerve muscles. I use my arms for everything (walking, writing, working, painting, dancing). My arms literally never get a break. This prescription is a patch that I can put on my back and shoulders to calm the nerves. Icy Hot helps too!

Thanks for staying on top of my medical life – I’ve been staying as positive as I can. I’m happy  that the medication turnaround was less than 7 days. That is my doctor and advocate doing work for me!