Family is everything

Life of of missydi

Family is everything 🤒🤒 I miss my roots but I carry these ethics today. I miss my people from Detroit… #Michiganders the fam!!

It’s because we wear our hearts on our sleeves👀

My parents smile when they see me soaring.. I call my parents a few times a week… if my intense days weren’t annoying; I’d call everyday and talk about everything lol’ the bigger you get situated with your brand or career; the more people try to take you down to their level. It’s no relation to tell my family because they would tell me to come home lmaooooo 😂 Just the sound of familiar voices from the house; and I’m chill again. All the extra ‘blah’ means nothing—-/

I was raised with 7 other children; a holiday everyday in the house

I’ve been thru it; and they have always been there for me 🔷🔹 I wonder what life would be like if we didnt have so much caos ⁉️😂.

Love it! Ufff, I wish I could be in two places at once. #values#family

Life of of missydi