Despite my arthritis

abstract artist

Despite my arthritis… despite my bone condition… despite all the negative noises that creep in…despite every obstacle that seems to present itself…

✅✅ I still f*ckin run it ✅✅

I’m dizzy from the constant pain… am I living in a dream, again? my head sounds like sirens are ringing nonstop. And instead of taking medication; over the last 8 years .. I have been holistic ⁉️ (meaning all natural). What’s my remedy? I grab a cold Coconut … and smash it (drink fast). I run a bath with CBD salts (high MG) and sit in the bathtub without lights for two hours or more. Depending on level of headache, a cold wash cloth over my face. Once Ive relaxed, I sit in my bed with a foam wedge behind my back & a freezing cold ice pack on my neck.

I lay there until I can relax myself to fall asleep for a few hours.

And then the next day, Im straight back at it.

Instead of losing control on pain killers ; I fight the mind games and tell myself ‘pain is temporary’ … tomorrow will be relief again.

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