My Eyes Steal Hearts By Giving Life When Feeling Breathless ❤️


My eyes steal hearts by giving life when Feeling breathless ❤️

I never had a reason to stay around one person, place or thing for too long. I’m just a wild spirit that goes from one place to the next based on intuition.

I’m hungry for my place of existence if there is a space out there. I get lost in between place to place leaving my energy to all the passerby people that come into contact. These beautiful moments became a timeline of random conversations learning the real world, real life.

I tell myself that Im going to make it, because I am the only person that I’ve ever depended on. I would never fall for a heart that didnt beat as fast as mine… a place of belonging.

I wait.. patiently… for the one person who wants to get lost in these galaxies that are known as blue gems. I am more than just a babe that the world forgets to love, I’m the babe that gives the love 💕

#motivation #hunni

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