Don’t allow your wounds to change you into something you’re not

Life of of missydi

Don’t allow your wounds to change you into something you’re not 💎

Healing is a continuous state of emotional movement passing thru your mind… between my growth & elevation ; i have been non stop learning.. taking responsibility; being challenged… being spanked, getting screwed.. getting lowered and still falling forward, not backward. *read that again*

I closed chapters for good. Bitch Bye. I may be out of my head a lil bit, but Im getting back to where I was before I was flipped upside by my last partner in crime… Ive been searching deep to the core of my mental place to locate my happiness .. art has been a release, writing has been a sharing opportunity but —->dancing & music has healed all.. i love getting spun in the sounds of the bass and the people moving to their own tune.

Detroit will always be my stamp, my HQ; but home is a feeling not a place. Im a different person now💃🏻 lil more scary but Im just working. I laugh thinking about how naive I acted in my past sequence of “what I thought I wanted my life to be”… never will I ever let someone put their hands or spit fire to make me think lower because of my ‘self esteem’ … That trap life is a never ending circle with no breaks. Why i was so low to live like that, for so long 😳 And back stabbing mo fo, that u think are friends, that need a hug and spank at the same damn time. So disgusted that all I had to offer was an open door to get lit with friends of my partner 🔥 one too many to the head until I found myself on the street in the middle of the night, calling my best friend in colombia to ask who the F I was…. that’s how much i was off🕳

Still sick from the late nights living in the reckless life of manipulation… had a few meltdowns asking “why” is this happening ??

—— im moving my art into the music around me… i live for night owl activity… because the night time is when im moving the fastest.

im back on a different caliper to make a whole lot of changes

Dont feel sorry for my last love; only God can judge us. After his behavior, im afraid to open to another person ; time heals all. Besides, his ass whooping will come during judgement day 👊