Can you imagine what it would be like to be missing an entire section of your body?

real talk

Can you imagine what it would be like to be missing an entire section of your body? You know, swipe to see the section. I’ve been blessed with the duty to carry this responsibility and education the people on different things with our population. We have more in common than meets the eye, more folks need to be woken up to see that level of understanding 😭

The section called the sacral, where your spine meets your hips and your legs. I have no sacrum or tailbone. If you run a finger down that section, it would be holes and bumps. A weird lump but it is normal for me

There is nothing that is holding my body up, that is my years of training to hold myself up. My spine is twisted and bent, curving and uncomfortable 😳

when you see me standing, people think that I’m sticking my chest out. But I’m trying to explain that my body is curved, and what chest? Lol 😆 noo boobs here, all muscle

Im tone. I move with grace. Im strong 💪🏼

Im also in nonstop pain, all day, and you’d never know. I laugh to keep from crying..

I smoke a lot of cannabis & cbd daily to calm my nerves and pain.

I do everything for what I would call holistic journey. I don’t take any medication or go to physical medicine program. It’s not that neither of those things will work, I just like to remain in the same location without exhausting my mobility. If someone wanted to carry me, I will gladly allow a bodyguard or future lover, pick me up and throw me over their shoulder lol. Why not I’m only 80 pounds, if someone wants to give me an easier opportunity to get through life and mobility. I’m gonna say yes, I go after opportunity. I don’t wait for it to come back around again.

i’m always facing the toughest challenges of my life, I feel like every day just gets a little bit stronger and louder. In order to have a unique lifestyle, you must have a unique psychology. You might understand that my mind has already been through enough as a child, but whatever you think you can say to me. Has already been done to me and instilled in my mindset. That’s why I’m a strong, person, outspoken, easy-going, but I’m serious. I want to get it done and I wanna get it done right 💓💓💓💓💓 real talk

real talk