Black & White Selfie


Had some free time on my hands tonight to dabble in Photoshop. Free time meaning.. I’m not working on client projects but focusing on something that I enjoy too. If I am in constant business mode all day, I won’t be happy. I love what I do, my career is so good to me but I have to shut it off sometimes… that’s what I learned in Bali, anyway.

Something that I saw today in Starbucks inspired me to think of Bali… I saw a world map painted on the side of the wall. This painting was huge! I stood below Indonesia and snapped a photo to send to my friends back in Bali. I miss them so much. I have a good time anywhere that I go but I truly think I need to spend more time in Bali.. it was easy, laid-back, cheaper and just chill.

I like the work-life-travel balance right now. I can literally work from anywhere. The only thing that I need is a laptop. and Boom! Social media, go.

I’m not tripping.. just thinking. I know that I’m a die-hard Detroiter but there are things that I want to do internationally that will make a difference for my lifestyle back in Detroit. If I continue growing my network, I can send more money back to the states. I can donate more money to help students, the city and the arts – things that I believe in. The more you give, the more you get. I am constantly giving back because it feels good to help others. I will remember them forever, and i know they will remember me too.

I hope that my time in Toronto will become a reflection on my goals for traveling. Do I prefer the island or the city?

melissa divietri