Yo soy la que manda

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I am the one in charge

I completely stand out… I feel it, aahah – I like to hang in the local areas.. it’s the best way to see a country.

I needed a change.. something that would help adapt to my surroundings… I thought that I was having a rough few days because I had some minor life issues.
ha! when I found out about how others commute to work, their lifestyle learning English, how limited their resources are.. the average amount for monthly salary per person and not to mention.. putting myself directly in fear two different times.. it was intense…

– my crutches broke in midst of travel because of lost luggage.. so getting around hasnt been easy
– random rain makes it tricky to get up and down the hill — because of steep hill
– my debit cards froze because the machine put a ping on it
– switched Airbnb 3x trying to navigate the mountain for a homey place to live
– made a few mistakes in the city that could have caused some issues
– losing addresses… getting lost.. exploring.. trying to learn the language

Where the road ends… you must walk #medellin

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I decided to turn the sass back on

and just go for it… allow my heart to guide me.


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