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I am the one in charge

I completely stand out… I feel it, aahah – I like to hang in the local areas.. it’s the best way to see a country.

I needed a change.. something that would help adapt to my surroundings… I thought that I was having a rough few days because I had some minor life issues.
ha! when I found out about how others commute to work, their lifestyle learning English, how limited their resources are.. the average amount for monthly salary per person and not to mention.. putting myself directly in fear two different times.. it was intense…

– my crutches broke in midst of travel because of lost luggage.. so getting around hasnt been easy
– random rain makes it tricky to get up and down the hill — because of steep hill
– my debit cards froze because the machine put a ping on it
– switched Airbnb 3x trying to navigate the mountain for a homey place to live
– made a few mistakes in the city that could have caused some issues
– losing addresses… getting lost.. exploring.. trying to learn the language

Where the road ends… you must walk #medellin

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I decided to turn the sass back on

and just go for it… allow my heart to guide me.

melissa divietri back in the usa

Back in the States – Video 😜😜

After living abroad for 6 months, I have returned to my home base – Detroit, Michigan, USA for 8 weeks to empty my apartment and organize for Europe in the summer. Many changes have come into my life – with the launch of a new techno label – and getting rid of unnecessary clutter and […]

melissa divietri detroit

When hometown hits hard… Detroit City

I am broken Like my city. I will always have problems with trust and forgiveness. I’m not afraid to admit that this strange beauty is a different kind of gorgeous. From the Eastside to the Westside.. I am Addicted…. to the street life. My adrenaline pumps when I roll through the city… you never know […]

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Driving With Hand Controls

This is my third vehicle in my lifetime.. which sounds like a lot of cars but I blew thru them… Had one to get around in high-school, a second for driving back and forth between Big Rapids and Detroit (for university) and my final for cruising to my corporate clients. I am happy with my […]

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I Dont Like Snakes – But This One Had A Deeper Meaning

A beautiful, green Viper Pit snake appeared in my gang (driveway) while I was driving home with my friend visiting from Detroit. We had an epic night of dancing to dark techno in the city… At first, I saw this green shimmer and didn’t think anything of it… thought maybe I was tired. This gorgeous […]

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Light It Up πŸ”₯

Had a nice wake up call last night / this morning.. First, a viper snake just roaming around the gang in our paddies. 🐍 #fukkme (the snake people have already arrived). As if I’m not already on edge from the cockroaches and spiders in my bathroom. But really β€” narrowing down where I put my […]

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Where did the time go? Como 🀷

I don’t know when to quit. I can’t tell myself to stop. Always on the Hustle. The grind is an itch that I’ve always had. Detroit homegrown. A true ladyboss πŸ‘πŸ» 24/7.. I will run my energy into the ground until I let up.. give up.. or stop. This is what you call “the degree” […]

melissa divietri bali

Best View In Bali – Our Villa

I have lived away from America for so long.. that I am started to forget that I am an American lol say what? is there a word for a jet-setter… a person who is constantly traveling and driven by language, culture and new friends.. I get excited when I see that my passport is full […]

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Fantasy vs Reality

Sometimes I feel like you can relate to what is going on in my real (personal) life, because you follow my pages and stay up-to-date with my blog.. But in actuality; I am doing the same thing that everyone is — making my online presence seem absolutely perfect but posting content about happiness and success; […]

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What Have I Been Doing in Bali

It’s been too long since I’ve posted to my blog.. and there are many reasons why. There isn’t enough internet space to list all of the obstacles that I’ve been facing but.. I am going to be more consistent with posting. A post shared by Melissa DiVietri (@missydi) on Feb 26, 2018 at 4:40am PST […]

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Crate Gallery

Perseverance: An Art Exhibit By Melissa DiVietri (yours truly) —- Load in @crate.gallery πŸ‘€ #success A post shared by Melissa DiVietri Artist Page (@missydi_artist) on Feb 20, 2018 at 9:46am PST “Perseverance” – Continuance in a state of grace to the end. My artist exhibit will start on Feb 21 at @crate.gallery via @crate.cafe in […]