Years of Planning

Years of Planning

Let me tell you about the blood, sweat, tears, and fears.. with my back against the wall. Years of Planning, Months of filming; My whole life was set up for this very moment and we finally reached the point. Where it’s now or not at all. There were too many points of confirmation today; After being laid up with summer flu for 4 days; I had a lot of alone time to plan the next move, this couldn’t have been all coincidence. The number of doors that I had to shut this week.. to open new ones. It hurts, I’m sad.. but ya know? Let’s do this.. be confident in me // we are all in it together.Β #lifeofmissydi

medellin colombia

My base in Medellin, Colombia

You’ll have to excuse my homesick attitude from being in the cold lately. Just dreaming about being an Equator baby with my sun tan in Medellin, Colombia- however I know I will miss the gotham-like architecture in Detroit. So Im soaking up the moments before they pass by me.   Friendships come natural to me; […]

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Melissa DiVietri & Badskoba @ Di-Techno collab

Listen to my techno music collab with DJ Badskoba of Norway on MIXCLOUD. Listen to our music collaboration, share and enjoy. Subscribe for more music // MIXCLOUD

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Gorgeous 😍

From Medellin to Bogota to Cartagena to the coast of El Salvador in El Tunco.. Home girlllll (myself) has been around the block; beach; bar; boy toy – whatever travel life story that you want to call it. It wouldnt be right to say that I dont change my personality based on my environment. Think […]

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Visiting Our Neighbor Across The Pond – Canada

Did you know there is a tunnel bus that will take you to Canada for $5? Its hard to catch it because DDOT isnt really equipped with laying out the signs in Detroit LOL but it’s worth the journey if you want to make a business across the pond for a reasonable transportation price. My […]


Weekend Warrior – Stacked

I completely hit a wall on Saturday; like BOOM – KO, knocked out. While I was waiting for friends to arrive from Ann Arbor to go to a music festival in Detroit; I cuddled up with my chihuahua — no phone; it was lost at the time; but it has been found since then. What […]

melissa divietri art

Wasserman Projects

Sneak peak at my art showcase in Eastern Market, Detroit What do you think about these angel wings? Help Me Forget The Default World Sometimes we need to be reminded how to be put back together; how to overcome and despite it all – allow life to give us hope. Give voice to whatever hurts […]

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In Her Eyes – I Know When You Look At Me

There is never enough time in the day to speak on behalf of how many different energies are thrown at me. When somebody looks into my eyes, they’re not only seeing my soul (and how pure my heart is)-but they are taking a glimpse into these mind-wrenching galaxies that have been thru the ringer. The […]

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Monday Motivation – You Can Do It; If You Set Your Mind Right

Monday Motivation – If you can dream it – you can DO it. There’s no dream TOO small or challenge too much for you – Maybe you wont get it done on the first try; but who says success comes easy? Pick yourself back up – and go at it it again; so many stop […]


Friday Vibes Be Like

My homegirl and I went out on a prowl last night.. only took 4 different attempts to find a place that was ready for us! LOLOLOL Sugar House – 30+ minutes for a two seat at the bar, and the vibes have changed since the original bartenders are no longer there. Motor City Wine – […]