You’re probably wondering what is happening here lol

abstract artist

You’re probably wondering what is happening here lol 😭 it’s a cover up… i wasn’t happy with this larger abstract painting so I covered the canvas with white paint to create an Artistic masterpiece FRESH with a NEW start!

Call me over kill on the attention to detail, but this trait comes naturally to my headspace. I wasn’t happy with the turnout of my first edition & I refuse to second-guess myself on putting out something that isn’t my true character 👏🏻💎

I am beyond proud for hustlin up a dozen pieces of large abstract paintings for an artist residency in MIAMI!! Gurl Boss Moves 😘😘❤️😘💙😘💙 yayyyyyyyy!

As an independent artist, this feels like … my entire world is just getting started. I feel the fire below me… the shake to continue perseverance to empower my best version of myself thru my art.

It’s been a healing process to share so much! As many who know me in the #realworld; understand the amount of layers I have to uncover before getting in touch with the “personal side” of me. Im an ‘onion’ it takes time & energy to unpeel each layer that opens a totally new category about myself. I like to stay ‘underground’ as there’s so much more meaningful observations that come from those who exclusively found my art or story by following my gum drops of gems online 🍬

I never give myself away; not like that. I’m a very humble, thoughtful hunni… some might say vulnerable. when I say something or make an action; there’s a laundry list of reasons behind that behavior!

Gracias to all the family, friends, supporters and super fans who have been pouring your words of encouragement into my inboxes! I’ve kept my phone im airplane mode thru the last few weeks; and cut out toxic energy draining individuals who clipped my wings the moment that I started shining. I needed to go thru those lessons to discover what purpose made me happy & WHOM wants to support the vision to build together. I’m politely surprised by the amount of folks who didn’t match up because of energy… not being able to keep up or having too much anxiety.

Yes, I can see how it takes a lot of energy to get thru the amount of anxiety that I face day in & day out; but I’ve grown 🌱