I went back to Bali, Indonesia

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Jet Setter – Go Getter.. is what my friends and family call me. I seriously have a hard time sitting still.. especially in the same place for too long.

I dont like routine.
I never cared for a schedule.
I go crazy if I look at the same things for too long.

Anxiety much? Yes, that’s an understatement.

Booked a flight To Bali

I decided that it is best to continue doing what is best for me.. and only me. I have a beautiful home in Detroit – friends and family who surround me; long nights dancing to techno and clients who are supportive of my decisions.

I have been desperately missing the green rice pads and scooter rides up the volcano in Bali. I can’t explain what it feels like to be on this beautiful island, but I hope to paint a picture for you.

Bali is my Bliss

This island is where I escape to get away from the noise of the city… The city is a land of opportunity but I am constantly running 100mph trying to stay ahead of the game by networking, meeting with new clients and people pleasing.

That mentality doesn’t exist in Bali; you come here once and you fall in love. You come back again.. and fall even harder.. and harder. This is my third trip to Bali and I can’t express enough the feels that I get from being here.

I am fully independent

Even though I have a physical disability that limits mobility of my lower body, I maintain 100% independence. I have a motor bike that is equipped with additional wheels for driving; thanks to a special friend in my life, Michael. I am actually neighbors to Michael and Kat – my two best friends out here. I open my villa door, and boom – they are right there… you couldnt ask for a better lifestyle.

I call this my scooter gang

But really, we all just have a scooter ajaja.

Riding dirty in #Bali 😂 our scooter gang 🤜🏻

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Reminding myself to enjoy a coconut

I remain focused in Bali because it’s quiet and peaceful.. the people are so kind and helpful. I am literally living the dream of a traveling entrepreneur // agency owner. I can maintain my team from a distance; and we work so well together.

Setting goals for myself

My time is not limited on this beautiful island… this is my land of opportunity. If there is something that I want to do, I open my notebook and jot it down.. if there is something that I want to create, I post about it and see who has the resources to make it happen. I might be a small chick but my heart is full… I follow what feels right even if I have to take risks to get there.

My personal brand is very important to me.. I feel like I reflect a certain image about myself and I need to maintain that position of confidence for my network.

My agency is just as important – as my team and clients are depending on my fulfillment and expectations are high.

If you're wondering if heaven exists… #Bali

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I hope to take you on my journey around Asia.. this will be my best adventure yet. I have a lot in store and a short amount of time. Catch me if you can…