8 Favorite Moments in Costa Rica

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My round up of 8 favorite moments in Costa Rica…

#1 Arenal Volcano

The view of this volcano was beyond incredible… I remember all the details of the curves going along the volcano, the steam coming from the top and the clouds making the view change every 5 minutes.

Our resort in #lafortuna #CostaRica .. volcano in view from every angle. #travel

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#2 Traveling Partner

Two for one at Lazy Mon… and im not just talking about the drinks #costarica #fiesta #beachlife

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#3 Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Not only did we see a dozen rescued sloths in the Sanctuary, but we also captured an amazing moment of one in its habitat during a canoe ride down the river in the jungle. *gasp-

This is buttercup, she is a 24 year old sloth… and always smiling #CostaRica #CentralAmerica

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Contact Sloth Sanctuary

#4 Our Bungalow

My girlfriend, Sarabeth and I had an amazing bungalow in the jungle. We witnessed monkeys, giant spiders, lizards and a ton of other jungle critters. She did an excellent job planning for this adventure in Costa Rica.

We slept under mosquito nets…

#5 The Ocean

The view of the ocean in Punta Uva, Costa Rica and Jaco, Costa Rica.. yep.. it was breath-taking, moments that I will never forget.

Relaxed… 🌊🌴 #CostaRica

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— literally one of the best sunsets that I’ve ever had —

I refuse to be under stress when Im working… it just wont due for my health. #socialmedia is a 24/7 job & my clients hold me accountable to stick my neck out for their #brand. I work around the clock, crazy hours.. to provide them instant gratification because they know I am the best. These views of oceans, sunsets, volcanoes and mountains are becoming my breaks in the day so I can still feel like I have #workandplay balance. My heart is opening up to #CentralAmerica and I am becoming a better social media strategist from adapting to different cultures and experiences, quickly – I might add. I enjoy being alone, its better this way.. more opportunities and time for myself. Im not selfish, I am just not capable of giving anyone or anything – the amount of time that they would deserve. #solodolo #ladyboss

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#6 The Weather

Hot temperatures mixed with tropical rain.
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#7 Coconuts

$0.50 coconut to go #CostaRica #beachlife

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#8 Tropical Flowers

I am obsessed with tropical flowers 🌺 #junglelife #CostaRica #CostaRica

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