4 Essentials For A Remote Worker Who Travels 24/7

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Think about what you need to be an efficient worker .. typically a laptop, internet, phone and coffee. But what about accessories or gadgets that can enhance this experience and make things appear stress-free with a seamless operation? I spent hours researching and tapping into my network to understand what tech products work best for a remote worker.

A remote worker is one that travels while working on their business or client accounts. I am considered a remote worker because I travel to different countries but maintain my online status by constantly being connected to my clients and the internet.

I compiled a list of 4 essentials that I have been using to make remote traveling a breeze:

Internet – The Biggest Challenge

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1. Skyroam Hotspot: This is an internet hotspot that can almost guarantee WiFi anywhere in the world, except the sky and sea. I have been using this hotspot with ease while traveling Central America.
1. Easy to activate and inexpensive to use (comparing to most internet cafes)
2. Touch screen to select your day-pass for immediate access
3. Device will tell you how many phones or laptops are connected PLUS how much time remains on your pass
>I paid $99 plus for 15% promo code for the device. I received 3 free days passes + I purchased 5 days for $40. My hotspot arrived within 2 days of purchasing, you can get more details here www.skyroam.com

2. LEVOstore iPhone Stand: This is a sturdy but light stand where you can prop up your phone to remain beside your laptop for easy video calling or phone conferencing.
1. Durable and easy to travel with
2. Can charge your phone at the same time
3. Eye level for phone conferencing or multi-tasking
LEVOstore was a client where I maintained their web and social presence. I enjoyed testing their products and using for my own personal use. You can buy one of these stands or similar by visiting www.LEVOstore.com

A Drone .. of course!

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3. GetHover Drone: Portable drone that can take video up to 4K and follow you around with it’s follow-feature
1. Good camera for video or photos
2. Easy to transport via luggage when traveling
3. Controlled from a mobile app on your phone
I waited a very long time for this drone to be released; I was one of the very first on the wait list. I am in love with my drone because it’s easy to carry around and the video enhances my travel experience. Get your GetHover here.

Selfie Stick – check!

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4. Anker Selfie Stick: A bluetooth activated selfie stick to capture images or video in those hard to reach places. This was my first purchase almost a year ago when I decided to take remote traveling more seriously for my international brand.
1. Connects to any smart phone using bluetooth
2. No Cords are necessary, long battery life
3. Click of a button, snap – video or photo
I purchase the Anker Selfie Stick via Amazon for less than $30 – you may be able to grab a sale if you search on Google. Product here

I hope this article starts to stir up ideas for your remote traveling lifestyle. Working abroad or remotely is never easy but when you have a system plus tech gadgets; it may make the adventure easier for you.

Feel free to reach out via social media if you have more questions on remote working or becoming a digital nomad.

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