Weekend Warrior – Stacked


I completely hit a wall on Saturday; like BOOM – KO, knocked out. While I was waiting for friends to arrive from Ann Arbor to go to a music festival in Detroit; I cuddled up with my chihuahua — no phone; it was lost at the time; but it has been found since then. What a weird feeling when you reach over to hold something; but it’s not there. Like your lifeline to the world has been completely CUT. I waited & waited; but they never arrived; and I was so worried to leave my home without phone in Detroit; its been heavy to go around alone, lately. I wanted to attempt the transportation system; but my wallet is also my phone case – and that doesnt help. TO be on the street; no money, no honey – no one knowing where you are going. I cancelled all debit cards; before I knew that my phone would be delivered back to me. What a relief to have your lifeline again.

Always back up your data; and keep find my phone app.

melissa divietri

I’ve not only been battling haters,
I’ve been battling fevers, too.

melissa divietri iphone

I had to take round trip ($150) or so to visit with my specialists in University of Michigan. I spent the entire day in the hospital to work on procedures; clinic visits, ultrasounds, radiology, blood draw.. blah blah blah blah blah.

My main concern is what is happening to my feet; because of my disease – I should be using my body less; not more. However, Im in the club life – and I like to be on the dance floor a few times each week; soaking up the energy of the people and the sound waves. I am on the floor so much; that it has hurt the structure of my feet. So this thing happened, and I needed a procedure to have it fixed.

I am exhausted just thinking about the number of appointments that I had to manage last week; I don’t have a support system that will take me here. I think that I recently charmed a gal; who is becoming a good friend for me. But it is so hard to ask anyone for help; especially myself – You know how I roll. Solo Dolo.















I useto have a support system online; but they recently banned me from their group page. Because I was speaking about sex for a presentation that I’m giving at my past university in October. If you want to do me a favor; and be petty – give them a complaint on their Facebook page about removing me from having a support system (https://www.facebook.com/isacrapublic/) “Melissa confined in you; you let her down; and her only resources to speak about her disability was this organization. Please lift the ban; and show her respect” (copy / paste)


I will be live-streaming my public event on flirting with a dis-ability; cant wait for that moment to see all the feedback! I must leave you with this; Something good always comes out of my hard days; whether I want to admit that or not… it just does. But you have to go FULL circle and FULL on. I got my phone returned; my head is feeling a lil lighter; I have a big event coming up on Saturday in the D. There’s a lot going on <3 Im proud for being a soldier, someone has too.

I wish today was a repeat of my yesterday // Saturday again: because I finally have a small hint of energy to fuel something. Which is why I’m on the blog, and balancing my books for business. Balance is key. I slept for 40 hours; its real. Okay, maybe not 40 hours but somewhere near that.

melissa divietriNow I’m planted on my couch going thru all my medical paperwork, IRS notices and business insurance papers to get ready for this week. Would be lovely to have someone that I could depend on – to be a body next to me while I battle all this. But that’s what it takes when you’re a soldier; only your angels are looking out for you. Thanks for staying true to me. <3 – Meli