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melissa divietri art

Sneak peak at my art showcase in Eastern Market, Detroit

What do you think about these angel wings?
melissa divietri art

Help Me Forget The Default World

Sometimes we need to be reminded how to be put back together; how to overcome and despite it all – allow life to give us hope. Give voice to whatever hurts or heals right now; be heard about your emotions. What my body knows; it does not lie – I hold myself high hoping that I will not be absence as I float thru the room. I cross eyes to see if anyone sees me; we lock then quickly look away – as if we are not allowed to see ours souls in each other. This absences goes through me; like a needle does a thread – and everything that I am holding is a stitch in my web. Maybe I am sinking; maybe I feel like I should cry ; so since I am still here living – I’m giving this one more try. This piece in front you – is a representation of my work / life / social balance – My lifestyle as a social media manager with a unique difference that limits my walking to use forearm crutches; my voice is fluid for the disability community as a token of faith to motivate and stop the hate. It does not matter how much confidence I can project online and my reach around the world; I still get the vibes that I shouldn’t be where I am because I have pride. I hope you look closely at the colors and shapes that overlap; as each symbolizes all of the arms & legs that are trying hard to rise me up – while others take me down. Help me forget the default world. – Melissa DiVietri – @missydi – @missydi_artist 


Join us on Thursday, Sept. 12, for the 24th annual live and silent art auction fundraiser, ArtWorks Detroit, presented by Matrix Human Services. As Detroit’s premier art auction, ArtWorks Detroit will feature masterpieces from renowned local artists, such as Tylonn Sawyer, Sydney James, Rashaun Rucker, Laurie Tennent, Sheefy McFly, Judy Bowman and over 70 other prolific artists.

Hosted by art powerhouse couples, Carmen and George N’Namdi, Karen and Ed Ogul, and Linda and David Whitaker at Eastern Market’s Wasserman Projects Art Gallery, attendees will also enjoy an open bar, delicious food from some of our favorite restaurants, and an unmatched opportunity to jumpstart or grow your art collection!

melissa divietri art
melissa divietri artmelissa divietri artmelissa divietri artmelissa divietri artmelissa divietri artmelissa divietri art