Volunteering Is Important


If you have some free time during the week or even on the weekends, stay active and volunteer! I cannot stress the importance of helping the community.

I am lucky. My university has a special service that will collect your volunteer hours. Once my degree is completed, I can simply log into the account and locate ALL my volunteer hours from the past 4 years. I log usually 5-10 hours depending on the events on or off-campus.

After I graduate from my university, looking for a job will be extra hard. Especially in this day and age, my industry, which is new media, jobs can be freelanced to international exchanges. I must stay one step ahead of my competition. My competition is my classmates, network and anyone online who has a resume with a special skill.

This weekend, I spent two shifts at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI. ArtPrize is the world’s largest art exhibit with a bankroll of $360,000 for first place, wow! I walked tremendous miles to take photos and help others who needed assistance navigating in Grand Rapids.

Volunteer Melissa DiVietri


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