Foursquare Check-In


Using Foursquare for Social Media Awareness

Locate the building where you are closest too or inside. Click on the building name.

Foursquare Check-In
Locate Your Building

Sometimes, your friends can be inside the building too. You can comment on their check-in and ask what they are up too!

Click on the comment box and type in what you are doing, make sure your comment is 140 characters or less.

Foursquare Check In

Select Twitter or Facebook to post the check-in on your social media networks

You are successfully checked into your location.

Foursquare Check In

For each check-in, points are awarded to your Foursquare account. Earn badges by checking in.

The more check-in’s, the more points and possible mayorships; which are given to individuals who check into the building the most.

Smile! You’ve checked into your location on Foursquare!!

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