Tuition Incentive Program – Scholarship for Low-Income Students

Melissa DiVietri

How I Saved The Tuition Incentive Program

During my freshmen year at Ferris State University, I had the opportunity to change The State of Michigan. The President of Ferris State University, Dr. Eisler requested my presence at the Capitol in Lansing, MI to tell my story about the struggles of a person trying to manage college debt.
Tuition Incentive Program

Tuition Incentive Program was on the chopping block to become removed from education budgets for students on Medicaid, low income persons and individuals with hardship circumstances. This was my first semester at Ferris State and what a task that I had in front of me!

Melissa DiVietri Public Speech

Tuition Incentive Program

Tuition Incentive Program (TIP), a low-income based scholarship for students, was going to be sliced from the higher education budget of Michigan. This scholarship, along with many other scholarships, were testifying in front of different committees at the Capitol.

I represented TIP as the entire class body of Ferris State and any student who was applicable to receive this financial aid in the State of Michigan.

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Before my speech, I ran into the bathroom to practice once again; my nerves were high & anxiety through the roof. This was my first time public speaking in front of important individuals that would make an impact.

After three rounds of approaching different committees, my scholarship – TIP and another one – of eight scholarships total – were saved. I changed the lives of many students, and they probably don’t even know it.


Melissa DiVietri Public Speech
Melissa DiVietri Public Speech

Recently, a video was captured to promote TIP and discuss a bit about the Tuition Incentive Program:

You can find my feature at 3:15sec