My Trip To Toronto

Melissa DiVietri Toronto

Last night in Toronto I met with my girlfriend Sabra from Detroit. We went to the condo first, which was a high-rise in downtown Toronto. The view was next to the CN Tower on level 55 out of 58. Talk about a good, I had a house party with the CN Tower last night ha ha. Not before we went out to dinner at Terroni.

She pick me up from the train station, which was a five hour ride from Windsor. I work the whole time on emails and that this new friend Tanya holistic which is good for your body. She was teaching me mind body and soul.

Melissa DiVietri TorontoMelissa DiVietri Toronto

We went to four bars before heading up the club. Had a dance party/party of two at the condo until 4 AM listening to Tupac. It was the best night ever, the light show that the CN Tower had was incredible. I fell asleep on the couch watching the show.

Melissa DiVietri Toronto
Looking forward to a morning full of conferences in hitting the floor running to get things done in Toronto. Time to make moves for my business and my brand, from an international perspective.

Sunset in #Toronto was incredibly magically!!! #travel #blogger #entrepreneur

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