There Wont Be A Next Time

melissa divietri detroit

If I wasn’t addicted to the stress, energy, sleep deprived, all nighters, travel, break-ups, bullshit, fake shit, hours of dancing… I wouldn’t be in the entertainment business. 💣💣 boom, dropped a bomb on you for that one. 💣💣 You don’t get another chance.. take it while you have it. There wont be a next time; so here we go, right baby?!.. Gotham City; tatted on my body – exactly where I wear my heart on my sleeve – so you know, that 3-1-3 isnt just a dream for me, its why I wake up everyday and do the damn thing. 🖤🖤🖤 Thank you for bringing me back home with this shot, @jp_visualz. #detroitmademedoit @embrace.detroit my passion project– but I actually keep the profile going because I need a reminder on where I come from.. and I wont hide it. I have this life because I had to go thru allll the things that fucked me up to get me there.. now, dont we all have our own skeletons in the closet? absolu-fukk!ng-lutely. stay humble, stay true. #realtalk

Collection of Detroit Images From Instagram

I stumbled on these from a few hashtag searches, do you like?