Year Ago Today: Medellin

melissa divietri medellin

This was one of the most beautiful sites — a year ago today. And oddly enough, I am flying into Medellin this evening after a 2 week episode in Cartagena, Colombia.

A Year Ago: Today

Back to my flash back from a year ago. This was a day and half journey on two airplanes. I flew into into Medellin, Colombia from Havana, Cuba > Panama to Medellin. After just arriving earlier from Bali, Indonesia.

Sometimes, I will get lucky with a seat change or arrangement; but lately – I’ve actually needed to pay more for better seating arrangements. WTF is right but I’d rather be comfortable when traveling. You all know how much of a pain in the ass that traveling can be. I was going from tropical weather to more tropical weather; the healthiest that I’ve ever lived — was when I lived in Indonesia.

melissa divietri medellin

Airport Action

You already know the struggle of trying to navigate around the globe with all the extra bullshit… especially when the country doesnt have any accessibility.
melissa divietri medellin

Always looking hella cute when I fly from one part of the world to the other… from Asia to South America… Bahasa to Espanol! Whoaaa!!Grabbed my favorite book on managing my life.. this was one of my favorite books that I’ve ever read.. I wont forget about that.

melissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellin

Aguapennal (SP) ??

I could go for one of these without the cheese.

— so . I traded one of those sugar tea drinks for a cold beer and empanada! ajajaj

I hope that my journey back to Medellin tonight is just as epic as it was a year ago!