Summertime Fine 🇺🇸🇨🇴 A Natural Glow For This Hunni. 🍯


Summertime fine 🇺🇸🇨🇴 A natural glow for this hunni.🍯

Never been so high in the sky … Up above in the workspace and in my perch that I call a castle. 🏰 The angel wings have been resting for so long && can finally stretch them for lift off.

I’ve been overcoming battles non stop back in the States. It doesn’t matter if I’m physically there or not, my skeletons are popping out of the closest like wild fire.

Block: delete: remove
Whatever it takes to stay as far away from that bullshit as possible. You can’t move forward if you’re holding on to the past. People see you rise and want to bring you back to the level that they remember you at.


I’m always involved in something that is expected for a change. The ‘pivot’ being at the right place at that exact time to do something 👀

Staying calm. There’s a lot of motion happening here && I can’t hold back on the emotions that are about to stem from it. #breath




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