Starts with the source, you.

melissa divietri

Starts with the source, yourself. The one person that you need to take care of always ;is your body. You are useless if you are not feeling 100. I took two naps today because I felt like an emotional wreck from everyone else’s energy around me.

I’m feeding fuel to the fire when I should be putting it out. #realtalk still trying to comprehend why I’m not in south America right now, but life moments have happened .

– I’m trying to secure my apartment for another person to enjoy for a few months.
– My health insurance has dropped, leaving an appointment for next week, to meet with the caseworker.
– Coco needs to have her passport updated with a certified veterinarian, and apparently there’s only 10 in the state that can do that.

I’m constantly feeling like there’s hurdles in my life 😪 when I feel like I’ve made it just a little bit, something else decides to pop up. I don’t feel sorry for myself, only people who worry have those limitations. I don’t blame God for bad things That happen to me – I listen, I listen more than I used to. Good leaders know how to practice this. I listen and then make a decision.

I’ve stop responding to peoples text messages, I delete emails that make me feel like shit. I no longer allow other people to justify my happiness. If they don’t understand the game that I’m playing, then we separate each other. More people have tried to take advantage of me lately but I act stupid and let them do their thing; literally could be something as stupid as an Uber driver or somebody on the street. That just wants to fuck up my whole day with their bullshit. I keep my headphones in and my sunglasses black so I can pretend that I’m in my own movie. I’m the star of the show and the people around me are just characters, just specs of dust that trickle into my life during this time.

Time doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t feel like I’m supposed to be in Michigan anymore. The snow should be here and it’s not. Australia is on fire and I can do nothing, i’m pushing myself more than I have ever done in my whole life. I’m not sick, I haven’t been sick in ages.

Can you imagine if I still had a full-blown disease and still try to do all of this, would be impossible?

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