Set Me Free

Melissa divietri

It will set me free, if you just tell me, every secret. I’m listening.

The battle field of a mind game, it gets bloody and intense. There’s sometimes I think I’m not gonna come back, I’m in so deep. The nonstop phone calls from things that need taken care of or business opportunities that need tending to. I can’t sit down and explain this lifestyle to someone that’s never lived it because I am also learning and adapting every single day.

I have more things behind closed doors, it’s scary. I’m doing my best because there needs to be a new face in these orbits of wave links. I’m going to be the one that leaves a living legacy. I can already see and feel my soldiers assembling online. The random earth angels that message me with essays long paragraphs and how I’m doing it properly and trust the process. I don’t think their random at all, as I look into our messages, some of them have been friends with me online for five years. Energy matches energy. You can call things into your life with your mind stop worrying about what other people are gonna think of you. I don’t open my direct messages anymore, I don’t even look at Diane’s or Facebook messenger because people don’t know how to act. It’s childish and it’s hilarious at the same time. Why are people so worried about what I’m doing, that’s what I’m worried about. I’m worried that people have too much time on their hands they have to check in to see what I’m doing and then give me life advice that I didn’t ask for. People dropping in my public and private thread with their opinions, my platform is not a resource for your opinions. Keep that shit on your own. That’s your responsibility, not mine. On it. Erin out your dirty laundry on my newsfeed like anybody cares or something?

i am living in the biggest moment of my entire life. I will not lose this opportunity because of distractions. I am completely alone in Miami, and independent person paying all of my bills and then some because this is a systematic city. I am living in the future city of the world, and I’m not downplaying that. I look outside, on my balcony, from the 38th floor. They’re building the $818 million Fast highway bridge, don’t even know what that means but apparently you can get faster around using this bridge interception. What is insane to me is the Chi reminds me of a portal. Why did this like just that spot and everything, isn’t Miami only 128 years old or something

The best way for me to stay calm, while society and social media continue to change in this fast moving world that we live in. I have to remember to wake up and do everything for myself, do the day for me. Wake up and do the things that make me happy and not worry about other peoples happiness. I’ve taken on too much my entire life and I just need to sit down and reflect on how amazingly bad ass of a woman I am. Not a gas myself up but I have a disability that keeps me down so much, I don’t even talk about my private life anyone because I don’t need their pity.


they told me to take a ticket, I took the ticket. A couple of you know what I’m talking about when I say that. I took the ticket and I’m on for the ride. I’m not gonna stop, there’s nothing that’s going to stand in my way. I’m on my emails like it’s nobody’s business, I’m running around downtown Miami meeting with random people that I pretend to know. I show up with a portfolio in my information. I am ready. I do things and balances and breaks. I do my entire day based off of increments, so I know I’m getting there I’m getting a little bit extra time but I’m also adding some time for me to rest. For the longest time I was running myself into the ground every single day because I didn’t think I was going to get it done.


i’m shuffling and balancing so many different Minds, or hats that you say


I am my own marketer, Printer, policies, human resources, transportation, manual labor, shopping, e-commerce, Advertising, Chef, dog walker, blog writer. My team has recently come back together, to help me through this. I’ve got three of my best leads on the agency. They are sending out reach Messages and LinkedIn and scheduling content on Instagram stories. But also writing blogs from pages 💕💕It’s really great to have a team. You can’t do it alone and it’s gonna pay off big time

it’s really great to have a team. You can’t do it alone and it’s gonna pay off big time.

when people see you doing it, they have this emotional trigger to have jealousy over you. They are living vicariously through what you post online and they really don’t know if it’s real or façade. That’s the beauty of the Internet and programs is that you think you see what you say but it’s not really what it is at all. Did you know that more than 90 or 95% of my net work probably doesn’t know that I am in Mobile from my waist down. I only saw pictures of my face or my shoulders and up what I’m doing videos. There are a few full body shot.


are used to be somebody in Advertising. I was a strategist for direct marketing, social media and search engine optimization. It was a very stressful lifestyle living in agency world. I feel like all we ever did every day was drink after work. It’s a party scene and you make a lot of money if you’re really good at it. I stopped working as a consultant about two years ago because I don’t like that lifestyle anymore. I want to change who I was until I get my time too. Are used to work for corporations like Ford, Google, Mazda, Pitney Bowes, big fuel, and the list goes on


When they met me for the first time, it was always a quick and awkward stare. But then I sat in the center of the room, and I owned it. I delivered with accuracy exactly what they were looking for, and all of their eyes perked up. I am in engineering mind, that is what I went to university for. And I returned for international business and then another degree in advance Painting.


It took me a very long time to understand the value of my worth. And now that I’m there., I want to continue excelling.