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Anticipation of my documentary launch has been more than a rollercoaster with a never ending journey. My anxiety has been UP & DOWN and around the block a couple of times. Just the thought that I am putting my story in writing has been energy consuming ; trying to find the right words that fit all the puzzle pieces to make up the perfect representation of “Me” – We shall see..

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  1. Mel, Saw your 1st release around 2 this Am. Blown away. The passion of your commentary is infectious, I need more! The visuals were visceral (pardon the alliteration). Amazing urban graphics and your work smacks of a Berlin loft, gripping, angry, spontaneous. Then I saw your hands, and cried. Damnit! You have to take better care of yourself!! My late wife used sticks and seeing yours tore me up. I know of a company that makes carbon fiber one’s. They weigh only 1 pound a pair. Yours’s weigh what, 4 or 5? You’re lifting if you swing say 700 times, around 2800 to 3,550 lbs. do the math. I’ll enclose the link, their expensive, $250 but perhaps you could trade for a pair by advertising them on your sites. Oh, one more thing, I tried to post this around 3 AM and got a window saying no such site exists, what the F**K!! Take very good care, Bill

  2. Hey Bill; Oh no! You are so great for all the hidden details that I left inside my video… you are right about the math – I am swinging so much; I saved the link that you sent me to do exactly that – advertise them on my site. Do we know each other in real world of just by default in digital scape? Id be really interested to ask some feedback on relationships; you seem to have a handle on how to deliver positive feedback to ladies of my differences. Please tell me more about this error at 3am lol and why you are on my blog – hope you found some other good sh*t there too LOL – Meli

  3. Hi Mel, Ah gee, now you’ve gone and embarrassed me… I wish we did, always wanted to go the “Motor City” and it looks like now it just might be in it’s 2nd renaissance, prolly a good time to visit. I tripped over one of your sites and got hooked, you’d left a trail of candy that wanders all over the virtual landscape. and I just couldn’t eat just one, had to follow the gum drops and the more I found the more I searched. Umm, relationships, that’s a good question. perhaps I’m more of a fringe runner and I’m eclectic by nature. So I don’t operate with preconceived notions about people and kind’a avoid the mainstream flow. The vibes you project are very high amplitude and I resonated to them (did you know fish do that). I think you attract people unconsciously and that is a beautiful thing. But to the specific question, perhaps it’s simply because I’m empathetic and I care about the welfares of others. And, my late wife used sticks and I spent a great deal of time moving among that community, so I guess it just comes naturally. I think you are valuable, no, a treasure that needs to be celebrated and protected. Hell a blind man could see it, well, a lot of your work is tactile. I watched your hour long cast and just got drawn into it. You reminded me of the central character in a German art film titled “Wings of Desire”. It’s about an angel, well a group of them, that populate Berlin in the 60’s. The central character wants to be a part of the real life experience he audits. Yet, he’s invisible and his goodness and talent and passion go unrecognized and he’s desperate to communicate at any cost. I see some of that in you. Your “differences” have made the person you are, you’ve found a way to fuck gravity and project yourself globally in an environment that is still in it’s infancy. And that is F-ing brilliant! Ah, 3AM thing, I’d just stopped working on a novel and took a dip in the virtual waters and ended up being impressed enough to want more of your work and then your first part showed up and I read it and, well no need to repeat what it said. Then I tried to send it and followed all the steps down to the bot screening phase. I punched in the correct response, clicked and Blam! So now I have to recraft my comments and try again, BUT, I made a copy, It took four tries before it finally went through. That Bot was insane. Oh, glad you liked the sticks, hope you can work a deal, let me know OK. Ah, it’s 2AM and I need to get back to the book. Perhaps we’ll chat again, I’d like that, Cheers, Bill

  4. Looks like you landed me a good contract William. thanks for that – already doing good thngs for me
    INDESmed Medical Technology
    Aug 31, 2019, 5:53 PM (3 days ago)
    to me, DI

    Dear Madyson and Melissa,

    Thank you for your mail. We’d love to collaborate with Melissa. Just visited her website and the work she is doing is really impressive.
    Please tell me what you need from our side.
    best regards,
    Mike Cappiello
    INDESmed Medical Technology

  5. Hi, Meli, That’s terrific! I had a feeling about them, let me know how it turns out. Damn! I just love it when a plan comes together!

  6. Hey Melie, Somewhere you were talking about transportation and parking. I spent much of my professional life all aspects of transportation. Did you know that in ADA Sec 504 there are mandates that apply to you regarding accessible parking? I don’t know if you have a dedicated spot in a garage or not, but you should have one. Also If you have to use on-street parking, you can have the owner of your building ask the city to provide dedicated spot for you and you can do the same at your loft. These spaces can be signed specifically for you using an address or loft number, etc. One thing though; there are specific criteria regarding the location in regards to the distance to the building entrance, has to do with design elements to agree with ADA mandates. OH, did you like the movie? PS-since we’re on a transportation theme, come take a ride with me on some of my favorite streets, spent a lot of time on them while there—

  7. So I think there’s a couple of things, I’m interested in m what you can teach me from the perspective of your knowledge.

  8. I supposed it depends on what you’re interested in. If I don’t have specific experience in that topic/subject I can usually find information on just about anything. And I can suggest beneficial things that you might want to pursue as well. So if you want a sort of virtual assistant, I’m your guy. Ask and you shall receive… Oh, did you like Wings or your early morning ride-along in Paris? The car was a Ferrari 275GT, wonderful car, I briefly owned a Ferrari 400. Now I putter around in a Vette. Hey, I saw your Woodward Ave piece, loved it. Saw a shot of a white Vette similar to mine, bad girl, stay away from them they’re addictive. Ask anything about anything any time, OK? Cheers, William

  9. Hola hola William.. Thats a great tip. I will inquire for this when I have a car again. I got rid of my wheels! Because of bad parking structure and lifestyle in Detroit. $300 a month for garage; or risk $45 tickets on the street – sigh. I had a beautiful Barbie Car I miss her dearly… if payments were easier; I would still have – Meli

  10. Hi Meli, What’s this, we’re on the same time? Crap! That’s a bummer about your wheels. I know about garages, I pay $300 for my Vette & MGTC. Thinking of selling the TC, Boston is a risky place to drive one of these little cars. Regarding your meds: I found two sites, one an advocate and the other, a special needs pharma provider. Perhaps they’ll be able to satisfy your needs and requirements or provide helpful direction. Let me know if you want to check them out. Look, it seems that you are caught in a trap that makes Mich. and SSDI look good either way they handle your case. The state and Feds can force you through “institutional neglect” to become a liability by causing you to stop work, put you on the roles and say look at what we’re doing for her. Or, they can deny you care, and look good for managing their resources, claiming we stopped excessive spending. It’s known as Catch-22. I’ve been thinking (risky for me), would it be better to have a discreet back-channel to work in, rather than the open forums I’m using to speak with you. That way you can use it without having to deal with all the stress from the interference (you know the negative crap) from your sites, and I’ll know where to check if you have a question or need something. Or just try to brighten your day. Your call as always… I’ve been checking out some other things you might be interested in, but I’m hesitant to over load you. Let me know if you’re open to that. Take care of yourself and have fun tonight! Cheers, William


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