In Her Eyes – I Know When You Look At Me

melissa divietri eyes

There is never enough time in the day to speak on behalf of how many different energies are thrown at me.

When somebody looks into my eyes, they’re not only seeing my soul (and how pure my heart is)-but they are taking a glimpse into these mind-wrenching galaxies that have been thru the ringer.

The stress; the build up – the courage that it takes to do me – to be me.. to be the 1% that has to carry this weight.. Not just my body is hurting; but everybody seems to have a problem that cant sort out themselves; so they gotta send personal attacks because jealousy wins.. and with anger and unhappiness – they are going to do whatever it takes so I stop shining.

But TRUST; it takes a lot of effort to make a diamond stop shining; especially since ya’ll been SO busy collecting stones that you didn’t realize I was standing HERE all this damn time – Now that I get a lil bit of worldly attention from my angels holding me high; from all my hardwork since day 1 – BOOM now ya;ll got something to say? GTFO – no time for that. IDGAFOS.

Every time I open a new tab on my desktop or trigger new emails or social media messages – my mindset has to change for each personality. I have to break them down and digest the information from both sides of the story- Start with something really optimistic and motivating and then sprinkle a little venom on it. I’m GOOD at what I do – because I do it well; 

My style of communication stems from being a Scorpio; who are intense and follow suit as leaders. We have a way of delivering a message and then making you think about it later. My style of writing has mastered emotional intelligence in communication because I speak multiple languages and perform businesses in different countries. It’s up to me to use my skills for all of the right reasons which is why there is power in nonverbal communication. THESE ANGEL EYES- hello!

melissa divietri eyes
My big blue eyes can tell stories for days… for days.. for days. You could just look into them and realize; I’ve lived a whole life, baby.. I’ve lived 20 lifetimes over; and I am still growing! GLOWING AND GROWING

I will no longer allow people to enter my circle without first qualifying them. There are too many fake-ass people that try to wedge themselves into my world so that they can take everything from me but… cough… I’ve learned lessons from all of my travels in East Asia, South America, Mexico, Central America and Merica;;;; you cant play a player.. I know the tricks of the trade.

People are guiding me on my this beautiful journey called LIFE. The moment that I start to do some successful life sh*t >>>> which seems to be every day lately, there has been a small force field of peanut gallery scrubs that wanna cut me at my knees to take me down. But I think these small successes are lessons for me.. then this energy that is carried by this small group of peanut gallery a.k.a. haters that tries to forcefully make me feel like shit – but you can’t break me. These lessons are preparing me for the bigger picture… that is coming soon. If I can’t swallow small successes with peoples opinions then how will I be able to come back hundreds of thousands.

I know the skills that I have and the talent that I’ve earned, is 1% — 1% of the world has it. I don’t know any other person that is doing it like me. I don’t know any other individual that has their claws in multiple networks of people from the disability community to the underground music industry. And recently, I tapped into student groups in universities. Those are powerful combinations of unique individuals that are passionate about the same thing.

Social media is power and with power comes responsibility. I am responsible to wake up each day and be happy that I’m alive. I am responsible to wake up, even when I’m very tired-and do a job online because people are expecting me to put out content in the morning.

They are expecting me to deliver new music and they are waiting for me to fail, because they don’t think that I can handle it all. But when I try to remind you, it takes a village to make a kingdom. I’ve assembled my troops and we are ready and excited.

In Her Eyes – I Know When You Look At Me

So the next time you look into my eyes, remember this-there is nothing that you can say to me or do to me, that hasn’t already been done. You look at me as a whole person now but 20 years ago I was broken down and nothing.

It took me the first 15 years of my life to become non-paralyzed with limited mobility and addiction/self confidence issues to the extreme. Crawling off of opioids when I was 13 years old-you are not in the same game; because you don’t have the drive and the motivation that it takes to carry a positive stream that came from the gutter. And I am still here. We still here.

The more you try to pull me down, the more vulnerable it makes you look because you’re unhappy with how your life is going so you want others who have it together, to fail.

I am numb the pain, whether that is physical or mental. There’s nothing you can say to me that’s going to break my walls down because I have built them so high, it’s like The great wall of China 🇨🇳 for every person that tries to make a relationship in my world, whether that friendship or physical or playful-there is a series of rules that they must follow to even get the smallest bit of information out of me.

I only open up to the five people that I trust in my circle because people have constantly let me down so much, but I’m starting to recycle them like numbers. Nope not today, you’re either going to be on my team in route for me or you’re going to be on the opposite side where I see you from a distance and I know your next 10 steps.

I am THAT good that I keep my feelers around my environment but I never act because i rise above it. <3 – Mel
melissa divietri eyes

melissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyesmelissa divietri eyes



  1. They hate because they have nothing inside but hate. Their bones are dust just ground powder of what could have been. Dismiss them. They are hanging on to your power with weak claws. Shake them off. They nash their teeth. They have already fallen. As you rise they fall.

  2. Hi Meli, Do you know it was your eyes that hooked me? God woman! You have Chernobyl eyes–they radiate atomic blue right from your core. No damn wonder they fear you. Yes these pathetic bastards hate you out of fear, because they feel so F-ing insignificant in your presence. ’nuff ’bout that. You beat me to it with your eyes comments. I was was going to say something about them tonight. Do you know that the most popular Nat Geo cover ever is a photo of a young Afghan woman with the most astonishing eyes? Yours are more compelling Meli. Trust me on this. Oh, did your show sell out, or are there still pieces available? I like a couple of them, perhaps we can do a deal on one or both… Keep swingin’ Bill

  3. I am doing just as you suggested.. put them in the very last cabinet of the back of my head; and not to be bothered by their selfishness. Rising above; and rising each day – making tomorrow better than my today so I can remember my past – and how we got here together. You are one of a kind; Id like to connect with you more Cynthia. Hope to keep tabs on you like you are with my blog too. Im inspired to write more because you were relatable to me; and have the best advice possible for such a writer; means the real talk gurl!

  4. Yess I remember this remarkable woman and her gazing eyes… howvever my angel eyes are no where near the Chernobyl experience :O – you wouldnt believe how much I have to comeback from crazy comments; always – my neighbors, randoms.. all of a sudden I feel like im in Hongkong will all these new fan clubs; trying to pull my efforts down. because im pretty – because im confident -so quickly they forget that Im doing it; I text my best friend – like yo; how i work these long nights with this energy over my head; == just looking at blog to find the comments for inspiration. so if you are trying to shower the confidence on my day to day – you should properly introduce yourself. because you know what it is = you know what it isnt


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