Populux Detroit


My boyfriend and I like to explore many new places in Detroit. We went to HopCat for FREE crack fries because it was named best fries in the Food Network magazine. HopCat has over 100 craft beers on tap! Yum!

After our quick dinner, I wanted to be inspired by culture. We drove to Cass Cafe in Midtown Detroit. The newly displayed artwork was quite coincidental to what has been happening in the news. I mean this statement in a manner of observance. Recently, the Supreme court declared gay marriage rights. ( I wasnt aware of this at first because I was away at a music festival with no cell service for 4days). The artwork displayed at Cass Cafe had a hint of transgender is some of the artist masterpieces. I really enjoyed the description that the artist wrote for every art piece. I felt like I was living in the image while reading about the story.

My best friend Sabra joined us for a late night cap. I saw a flyer on the promotion table at Cass Cafe that sparked my interest. “Populux” Detroit — yes, a rooftop party — which sounds like just what I needed. The flyer says “Free before 11PM” with RSVP. I hopped on the website with my mobile phone but began experiencing difficulties when attempting the make the RSVP for us. The website refused to allow me to submit the info from a smart phone device, bummer. We still went anyway.

Upon arriving at the venue, I asked how to locate the elevator. The bartender replied that there isn’t one, but only stairs. How does this venus make it accessible for handicapped patrons to attend. I’m not complaining to hard, but I went up and down those stairs many times that night and I’ll tell you why:

I was patted down and searched deeply by the security at front of the stairs. He opened every little zipper in my purse and forced me to pull out all of my medical supplies, 4 catheters, lubricating jelly and many other personal items. I dislike when I am treating this way, completely pisses me off and puts me in a bad mood.

We walked up to the first set of stairs to the ticket holder. I tried to explain to her that the RSVP system would not work on my smart phone, showed her the screen. She still implied the cover charge to enter the venue, it was 8:30PM – no one would be there, what is the harm to allowing us to look around? I showed her the flyer that says “Free until 11PM w. Rsvp.” After constantly explaining the dumb RSVP system didnt work on mobile devices, she stilll didnt grant us entry. She implied to talk to the woman at the top of the stairs. We attempted to explain the same situation but she turned us down.. So “down” the stairs we went. By the luck of the draw, we ran into the production manager. He was very empathetic to our needs, and allowed 3 comped tickets on his behalf. Thank you!

We went back up the stairs (again) to the rooftop party. There were LEDs everywhere, I mean everywhere. Here’s a video from my Snapchat.

My boyfriend, Sabra and I grabbed a table by the corner of the building to enjoy the moment. We spent about an hour listening to great tunes and making new friends. I will defintely drop by again, I even wrote a nice review on Populux Detroit social media. Very impressed.

Populux Detroit

A few more shots of my boyfriend and I having another great evening in Detroit City!
Populux Detroit

Populux Detroit

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